COG-member poet releases CD for UB feast

SILVER SPRING, Md.--A Church of God member and poet, Barri Armitage of Silver Spring, has released a professionally produced compact disc and cassette tape with 16 inspirational songs, including several that focus on the spring feast days.

Titles include "Oh, Lord, You Have Searched Me," "Healed By His Stripes," "Bought With a Price," "Song of Moses" and songs adapted from Psalm 113.

Mrs. Armitage has poetically adapted scriptures and set them to folk melodies. Vocalists include Mrs. Armitage's husband, Dave, who sings with a Grammy-winning choir, the Washington Chorus; Rose Bello, a soprano who has performed widely in America and abroad; and Eileen Townsend, former lead singer for the band Landslide.

Featured also is pianist Rachel Franklin, who is an international prize-winner who has performed at Carnegie Hall and around the world.

Guitarist Billy Kemp has performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and elsewhere in the United States and Europe.

The CD is $16, the cassette $12, a set of songs sheets $8, a CD or cassette with piano only, $10.

Buyers outside the United States should add $1. Maryland residents need to add on sales tax.

For more information write Mrs. Armitage at or 13904 North Gate Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 20906, U.S.A. See also

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