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Ron Wallen dies

JACKSON, Miss.--Ron Wallen, 56, died Feb. 8 in Valdosta, Ga. Mr. Wallen had been an elder in the Worldwide Church of God who in recent years operated a ministry that included a Feast of Tabernacles observance that was not officially sanctioned by the Worldwide Church of God.

The Journal reported on Mr. Wallen's Feast site in Foley, Ala., in the Oct. 31, 2000, issue. He and 500 other people who disagreed with many WCG doctrines but believed they should not leave the WCG met together at the site, near the Gulf Coast.

Mr. Wallen is survived by his wife, Rosemary, two children, Ginger Sorg of Monroe, Ga., and Brandon Wallen of Jackson; his parents, Claud Wallen and Alta Scheu; and many other relatives.

Mrs. Wallen receives mail at 1154 Martingale Dr., Jackson, Miss. 39206, U.S.A.

Treasurer terminated

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--The Church of the Eternal God (CEG) announced Feb. 8 that Warren Zehrung, a founding board member and treasurer, was terminated from employment and other official responsibilities.

The CEG came into existence in 2001 after the ministry of the Church of God a Christian Fellowship (CGCF) of Fort Worth, Texas (formerly the Global Church of God of San Diego), merged much of its membership with the Ohio-based United Church of God (see "Church of the Eternal God Emerging From Breakup," The Journal, July 31, 2001).

Some elders and other members who did not wish to merge with the UCG formed the CEG.

Congregation names elders

TUPELO, Miss.--Members of the United Church of God Tupelo ordained two men as elders Jan. 19. The congregation laid hands on Terry Beam of Fulton, Miss., and Bill Shultz of Jackson, Tenn. Ray Wooten of Hoover, Ala., founder of United Christian Ministries, assisted in the ordination.

"When I visited the Tupelo congregation, I learned that they were planning to recognize Terry and Bill as elders, and they asked me to participate," Mr. Wooten said. "The people selected the two men, and they laid hands on them. They asked me to say the prayer."

What's coming?

VALPARAISO, Ind.--For a free monthly newsletter on world events, write Greg Griswold to request Watch What's Coming at P.O. Box 1700, Valparaiso, Ind. 46384, U.S.A., or .

The February issue includes "The Coming Future of Europe," "The Beast Is Beginning to Stand!," "The Euro Makes Its Debut!," "The Purpose of Terrorism" and "Why the Arabs Are Angry."

Visit Watch What's Coming on the Web at

CGI elder to speak at Building Bridges

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.--The executive vice president of the Church of God International, based in Tyler, Texas, is scheduled to speak at Minneapolis Building Bridges April 6.

An organizer, Dona Fehr, said Charles Groce, the CGI official, will be the featured guest.

For more information contact Mrs. Fehr at (763) 572-8377 or .

D&R articles

HARTVILLE, Mo.--Dan White, the first writer in The Journal's series of essays on divorce and remarriage, has posted articles on the subject at Write Mr. White at .

For the latest in The Journal's series, see page 9.

United mails youth-camp brochure

MILFORD, Ohio--The United Church of God, based here, mailed its United Youth Camps 2002 magazine in February.

This year's U.S. summer camps include sites in Missouri, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Wyoming and Alabama.

Costs to campers range from $175 to $290, depending on the site.

Dates vary slightly, with the earliest camp, Pinecrest, in Missouri, meeting June 13-20 and the latest, Heritage, in Pennsylvania, Aug. 11-18. The winter camp will be Dec. 22-26.

For application forms write P.O. Box 541027, Cincinnati, Ohio 45254, U.S.A., or visit

New edition of 'Vision'

PASADENA, Calif.--The Church of God an International Community, headed by David Hulme, recently mailed the winter edition of its quarterly magazine, Vision, to subscribers.

Visit the church's Web sites at and

Feast site in Australia

SYDNEY, Australia--A Feast of Tabernacles observance sponsored by the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association will take place in Albury, Australia, beginning Sept. 20.

For more information contact Peter Ellis or Dusan Zubavik at . Australians may telephone 1300885006.

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