What's in issue No. 31, Aug. 31, 1999?

Longtime elder Stan Bass dies. Ellis Stewart writes about Mr. Bass after talking with his widow, Millicent.

Church members from Missouri and Illinois on their way to Egypt, which they believe will be the prophesied place of safety, are settling in Belize. Bill Stough talks with a friend of several of the relocating brethren. Read his report in the print version of The Journal.

The Good News magazine reaches a milestone: the 200,000-circulation mark.

The Philadelphia Church of God is planning for a Feast of Tabernacles observance this year in Petra and says rumors of imminent relocation of PCG members to Petra are unfounded. The Journal talks with the PCG's Dennis Leap. See the print version of The Journal.

The sale of the Ambassador University property to a Catholic school falls through. The Journal talks with the WCG's Bernie Schnippert.

Letters for the August issue include comments about a sermon Les McCullough delivered to a Texas congregation on the fear of God. Also in letters, Garry Pifer reports on a long-lost document he discovered while rummaging through papers belonging to his father, who recently died. Readers speak out about Dan White's June 30 article on public schools and home-schooling; the traditions of Josephus and their relevance to an understanding of biblical tithing; binding and loosing; and, of course, Herbert W. Armstrong. For these letters and many more, please see the print version of The Journal.

In editorials and columns, Bill Stough cites the example of Church of God kids and friends standing up for prayer in school; Dave Havir asks a Gideonlike question "Who do you want to rule over you?"; Paul Haney maintains "human deification" is not biblical (in his answer to an interview with elder Ian Boyne published in the June 30 issue of The Journal); and Linda White says personal evangelism had more to do with the modern history of the Church of God than had Church of God organizations. (Melvin Rhodes' column is missing from this issue because of an emergency trip he made to England to visit his ailing mother.) For these editorials and columns, please see the print version of The Journal.

In the fifth in The Journal's series of essays about tithing, Ken Westby asks whether tithing or "Christian giving" is scripturally supportable. "My comments in this article should not be taken as antitithing," he wrote.

The Tupelo, Miss., congregation pastored by Ed Mitchell votes to reserve the right to invite outside speakers to address the congregation. Tupelo remains associated with the United Church of God, an International Association, and prefers to retain the association. The Journal interviewed Mr. Mitchell for this article. See the print version of The Journal.

The Journal lists 118 Feast of Tabernacles sites. The listing is an update of the information that appeared in the July issue.

The Living Church of God makes plans and reports growth. The Journal talks with the LCG's executive editor of publications, Bill Bowmer.

The Embassy of God of San Antonio, Texas, toasts its first baptism.

"Notes and Quotes" includes late-breaking news. Don't miss it.

From Connections, The Journal's advertising section, Darlene Warren gives a short history of Connections and offers an invitation.

Connections runs classifieds. For the rest of the advertisements in the August issue, please see the print version of The Journal.

Read Trey Cartwright's latest column in Connections.

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