Good News magazine passes 200,000-circulation milestone

The writer is editor of The Good News and booklets for the United Church of God, an International Association.

By Scott Ashley

ARVADA, Colo.--Circulation of The Good News magazine passed the 200,000 mark with the September-October issue's English-language print run of 214,045. This milestone comes a little more than a year after it passed the 100,000 mark with the July-August 1998 print run of 109,874.

The Good News is the flagship publication of the United Church of God, an International Association. It started with a run of only 15,000 copies, most distributed to United members at the 1995 Feast of Tabernacles. The 32-page, full-color magazine is published every other month. The September-October edition was the 24th issue published by United.

The circulation has grown dramatically in the last year, with runs of 130,500 for the September-October 1998 issue, 146,506 for the November-December 1998 issue, 149,383 for the January-February 1999 issue, 161,292 for March-April and 199,837 for July-August.

In addition to these press runs, in July the United Church of God printed 110,000 copies of a special edition of The Good News for new subscribers, gift copies and waiting rooms.

Circulation growth has come from a variety of efforts, including member-participation waiting-room programs, television ads, cable-access-TV programs, magazine-display racks in several cities, supermarket-display advertising and ads in magazines and newspapers.

Issues of the magazine have covered a variety of topics, with themes over the last year that include "Moral Leadership: Does It Really Matter?," "The Year 2000: Peril or Paradise?," "Freedom: The Unfinished Struggle," "The Real Star Wars: Discover the Surprising Truth That Will Affect Your Future," "When Time and Chance Happen to You" and "Can You Believe Bible Prophecy?"

In the September-October Good News, 20,000 copies included a new 32-page magazine-size color booklet, Making Life Work.

The booklet contains eight chapters written by United elders giving guidance on topics such as marriage, family, child rearing, friendships, personal finances, career, health and the meaning and purpose of life.

Subscriptions to the magazine and copies of the booklet are available free by writing to P.O. Box 54179, Cincinnati, Ohio 45254, U.S.A., or calling (513) 576-9796. Copies can also be downloaded from the UCG-AIA Web site at

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