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New list of singles

BAYONNE, N.J.--A new list of Sabbatarian singles came out in July. The list is to promote new friendships and find old friends among Sabbatarian Christians. Those on the list are single, 18 years old or older and Sabbatarian.

Moderator Michelle Ward may be reached by mail at 37 E. 30th St., Bayonne, N.J. 07002, U.S.A., or by E-mail at

Magazine with vision

PASADENA, Calif.--The Church of God, an International Community, 476 S. Marengo Ave., has a new quarterly magazine. Vol. 1, No. 1, of Vision: Journal for a New World, dated spring 1999, is available to subscribers free of charge.

Call (888) 777-7203, or write Vision (whose publisher is David Hulme), P.O. Box 90607, Pasadena, Calif. 91109, U.S.A.

The COG-AIC began in the spring of 1998.

Pastor leaves Big Sandy

BIG SANDY, Texas--The Worldwide Church of God congregation in this area learned in early August that Don Mears, pastor of the local congregation since mid-1995, is no longer in the ministry.

A source who does not want to be identified told The Journal that Mr. Mears is no longer serving in the ministry because of "personal problems" that "disqualify him from serving in the ministry." His last day of employment was scheduled to have been Aug. 27.

Although Mr. Mears has not sold his house in nearby White Oak or moved his belongings, he is, according to the source, at least temporarily residing in his native Canada to avoid contact with law-enforcement officers in Texas.

WCG headquarters in California sent Mr. Mears to Big Sandy from Canada after doctrinal changes had caused major splits in the WCG in 1995 and thereafter.

Mr. Mears was a frequent contributor to the WCG's member newsletter, The Worldwide News.

Dave Orban, for many years pastor of the WCG congregation in nearby Longview, is pastoring the Big Sandy flock.

The "Big Sandy" congregation has met at Abundant Life Tabernacle in Gladewater since the early part of this year, pending the sale of the Ambassador University property near Big Sandy to LaRoche College of Pittsburgh, Pa. Although the sale to LaRoche is off, the congregation will apparently continue to meet in Gladewater. (See related article, page 1.)

Dave Antion visits

PASADENA, Calif.--Dave Antion reports that his "traveling pulpit" paid four visits to congregations in the past 14 months. They were to Kansas City, Mo.; Phoenix, Ariz.; and Houston and San Antonio, Texas.

Mr. Antion said that, in each case, Church of God brethren came from various groups "to hear a message based on the truth of God's Word."

Mr. Antion, a long-time elder in various Church of God groups, said that, in the presentations to the brethren, he explains that "religion is neurotic when it separates you from, rather than strengthens your attachment to, you fellow humans; it impoverishes your life rather than making it abundant; or it appeals more to your fears and cowardice than to your love and courage."

He said he met many of the brethren he meets in his travels who are not aware of his Guardian Ministries.

Write Guardian Ministries at P.O. Box 50734, Pasadena, Calif. 91115, U.S.A., or

Four elders marked

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--The Living Church of God, headquartered near here, announced its decision to "mark" four members of the board of the Global Church of God.

A letter dated Aug. 20 and signed by Dr. Roderick C. Meredith, presiding evangelist, and Carl E. McNair, director of church administration, stated that Larry Salyer, Raymond McNair, Edwin Pope and Norbert Link are "enemies of the Church," and the marking is necessary "for the protection of our members."

The letter says the Living Church of God bears the men no ill will and the brethren should pray God will grant them repentance.

The letter explained that the marking was prompted by alleged division caused by a letter the Global council of elders sent to a mailing list that included the names and addresses of Global's membership before the November 1998 split that formed Living. The bone of contention was the "division" caused by Global sending the letter to LCG members who had understood they would no longer receive communications from Global.

Suit filed

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--According to the president of the Global Church of God, writing Aug. 26 in a "weekly update" he sent to elders, a member of the Living Church of God is suing Global. The member is Donald E. Davis, who filed suit (case No. GIC 734248) in San Diego Superior Court Aug. 25.

President Larry Salyer's letter explained a hearing in the suit was set for Aug. 31.

The Journal also learned that two or three truckloads of Global employees' possessions were scheduled to be on their way to the Dallas, Texas, area Aug. 31 as the first step in the church headquarters' planned move from California to Texas.

Details of the suit and move were not available before The Journal's deadline.

Living came into existence last November as a result of a split with Global.

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