Embassy of God toasts its first baptism

SAN ANTONIO, Texas--Eight of the brethren of the Embassy of God fellowship met at a highway intersection north of here Aug. 1 to witness and participate in the baptism of Harold Sutton.

Wading waist-deep into the cypress-tree-lined Guadalupe River, elder Charles Jordan placed Mr. Sutton under the water as Mr. Sutton's wife, Maribelle, and other members of the congregation looked on.

As the pair emerged from the Guadalupe, Mr. Jordan, Jerry Girard and William "Rusty" Locke in turn laid hands on the newly baptized member, praying for his future in the family of God the Father.

"It's hard to describe the feelings of a tiny congregation like ours when one of the individuals who has become a part of our lives and found a place in our hearts entrusts us with the privilege of acting on behalf of Jesus Christ in performing a baptism ceremony," Jackie Jordan, wife of Charles, told The Journal.

"We are dazzled by the miracle of repentance and conversion, but we do not stagger at the power of God to redeem His called-out ones and to beget another child."

Under the open skies, she observed, "we saw an old life disappear into a watery grave and a new creation come forth, full of new life and the promise of a better resurrection and life everlasting."

After a champagne toast on the occasion of the first baptism within the Embassy of God, the group drove back to San Antonio for brunch and fellowship.

The Embassy of God, which has met since July 4, 1998, holds weekly Sabbath services at 2 p.m. at 605 Edalyn (5510 FM 78) in Kirby, Texas.

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