What's in issue No. 33, Oct. 25, 1999?

The Journal continues to invite reports on the Feast of Tabernacles 1999 and publishes the first items from this year's Feast. (The accounts include quite a few photos; see the print version of The Journal.)

A longtime Church of God elder hopes the COG groups will get together, but he doesn't count on it. Read The Journal's interview with South African Frank Nelte, who tells how his Internet ministry got started and makes the startling statement that "Lucifer" is properly a name for Jesus. See the print version of The Journal.

After recent visits to Vietnam, a Church of God member and Vietnam War veteran from Washington state begins an effort to help orphans in Vietnam. Read the interview here, and see the interview and photographs of Mr. Koselke and Vietnamese friends in the print version of The Journal.

A Church of God teen says God protected him at Columbine. The Journal interviews Jonathan McMaster and publishes Jonathan's first-person account of the April 20, 1999, rampage by two Columbine High School students. See the print version of The Journal.

Letters from our readers include tributes to Roderick Meredith and John Trechak, a comment from a disillusioned Church of God member from Florida, a reader's recommendation of a sermon tape on law and grace, comments about a church's policy on women's retreats, and "The Ballad of Herbert W. Armstrong." Be sure to see the print version of The Journal for all this and much more.

Columns and editorials feature Jonathan McMaster on God's protection during the shootings at Columbine High School; Eric Anderson on an earlier tithing article by Steven Collins; Dave Havir on teachers who have an effect; Melvin Rhodes' remembrances of his mum; and Brian Knowles on the politicizing of doctrine. See the print version of The Journal for these articles and more (including a photo of Jonathan).

The United Church of God in New Zealand gets a full-time elder. Read Bruce Porteous's report.

The object of a manhunt in Big Sandy--said to be the largest in Texas' history--is put to death after 13 years. Why is this article in the print version of The Journal? Because of the publisher's and assistant editor's connection with the story dating from 1986. Assistant editor Mac Overton served as an official witness to the Oct. 14 execution by injection at the prison in Huntsville, Texas.

Church of God teenager Tarah Drawbaugh keeps the Sabbath even though she plays public-school basketball--and that can be hard to do. Read The Journal's interview with Tarah and her father and an article about her reprinted from The Frederick (Md.) News-Post. The print version of The Journal also includes a picture of Tarah.

Gary Fakhoury has written several memorable essays for The Journal: on the Trinity, on the biblical observances and the calendar and on the nature of Jesus. Now Mr. Fakhoury writes about Y2K, prophecy and the future of the Churches of God. Does the Bible predict the Y2K computer problem? How will Y2K affect the COG groups? What is the appropriate Christian response to Y2K, should it turn out to be a big problem? Does the Bible somewhere say Jesus will return after 2,000 years? Read also an accompanying article, by Gary and Barbara Fakhoury, "Should I Prepare for Y2K?"

Journal writer Jamie Cartwright chronicles a memorable Feast of Tabernacles observance in San Antonio, Texas. Another Journal writer, Bill Stough, interviews a festival planner about how to organize a small Feast and reports on teenage Feastgoers in Canada who built a succoth, or booth. (See the print version of The Journal for before-and-after shots of the Canadian succoth and a photo of another booth from an Oklahoma Feast site.)

The UCG Big Sandy plans a fellowship weekend for Dec. 24-26. Read all about it.

Living Church of God members pay tribute to church founder Roderick Meredith, and Church of God Southern California members pay tribute to their pastor, David Antion.

"Notes and Quotes" includes late-breaking news on Ambassador Report, a conference in Birmingham and a youth retreat in Kansas City.

Writing in Connections, The Journal's advertising section, Darlene Warren is happy to see petty differences set aside for the 1999 Feast of Tabernacles.

Connections columnist Trey Cartwright thinks the time is right for a Church of God museum.

Connections also runs classified ads, including prayer requests.

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