What's in issue No. 10, Nov. 21, 1997?

  • More Feast-keepers send reports and photos. In the Nov. 21 print version of The Journal, read the second set of Feast reports (that began in October) from Feast of Tabernacles sites. The sites reported on in this issue were sponsored by Dale and Arlene Carmean; the Christian Churches of God; Christian Educational Ministries; the Church of God Independent of Auburn, Wash.; the Church of God International; the Church of God in Truth; A Church of God Ministry; the Global Church of God; the Philadelphia Church of God; the Sacramento Area Sabbath Bible-Study Fellowship; the United Church of God, an International Association; Servants' News; Untied Christian Ministries; and The Way Publications.

  • The Hartford, Conn., congregation of the United Church of God splits over governance, personal responsibility and visits to other groups. The Journal talks with Rick Beltz, Paul Suckling and Tom Fitzpatrick. A sidebar that accompanies this article includes excerpts from a "confidential" memo written by a United home-office employee advocating a "peaceful separation" of members of the UCG. The sidebar also reports on reaction to the memo from UCG elders and others.

  • The United Church of God's council of elders hears regional pastors on ways to avoid a United fracture. This is a report on a face-to-face meeting of several days in Southern California in November.

  • SMI makes an offer for the Ambassador University property. The chairman of the committee trying to establish the Southern Military Institute and find a place to set it up says SMI's people and the WCG are at the "haggling" stage.

  • In letters from our readers, they report on the discovery of another Sabbatarian group; write a letter of apology to Brian Knowles; compose a poem about Mr. Armstrong; and react to Geoff Neilson's article about the Elijah to come. Also, David Antion writes about smorgasbord Christianity; Maxwell McFeat again takes issue with Melvin Rhodes on homosexuality; and Shirley Kale gives us the solution to our problem in the Churches of God.

  • Dave Havir's column makes the startling statement that revenge can solve problems. See the print version of The Journal to find out what he's talking about.

  • When Melvin Rhodes wrote his column for this issue, about a noisome form of idolatry, his wife, Diane, felt inspired to write a column too. The print version contains his and hers columns from the Rhodeses.

  • Gary Fakhoury concludes his two-part series: "Grace, Law and the Covenants: A Biblical Review." Don't miss this essay, which includes Mr. Fakhoury's unusual take on the rich young man of Matthew 19.

  • Friends get back together at reunion in Feast Texas. The print version contains 18 photographs taken at the reunion Nov. 8 in East Texas. One of the photos is posted here.

  • Christmas teaches its observers about born again and again and again. Read Barbara Fenney's article about history repeating itself every Dec. 25.

  • A member of the Christian Church of God, Amarillo, who is also a free-lance writer and longtime Church of God member and elder, reviews Joseph Tkach Jr.'s new book Transformed by Truth. See the print version.

  • The Ezekiel message and Matthew 28:19 are an issue that won't go away. Writer Craig White challenges the churches to get focused.

  • Remember Dan White's article about Ambassador quality and materialism in the Worldwide Church of God? He's back with another article you won't want to miss. This time he discusses Mr. Tkach's 1988 Oldsmobile and doing the right thing.

  • The Global Church of God adds a presenter, Richard Ames.

  • Longtime elder Robert C. Smith dies.

  • Longtime South African deacon Evan North du Plessis dies.

  • The United Church of God mails its one millionth piece of literature. Read a report by UCG managing editor Scott Ashley.

  • In "Notes and Quotes," read about a youth retreat in Kansas City over the December school break; a new tape series by the UCM; the announcement of representatives by the Church of God in Truth; Ron Dart being talked about on a St. Louis talk show; a Christian Renewal Conference near New Orleans; Ross Jutsum's newest release; and a reminder about the "In the Footsteps of the Messiah" seminar Dec. 25-28 near Wagoner, Okla.

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