The World Ahead telecast adds presenter

By Thomas E. Robinson

SAN DIEGO, Calif.-A familiar face to the brethren of the Churches of God will soon be seen on the telecast The World Ahead more often.

Evangelist Richard Ames of the Global Church of God, sponsor of the broadcast, had appeared over the last few months in five-minute segments of Roderick Meredith's 30-minute program. But Sunday, Oct. 19, Mr. Ames, who lives near Houston, Texas, presented an entire program.

Plans are for Mr. Ames to present about one in five shows on his own.

Many will remember Mr. Ames as one of the presenters of the Worldwide Church of God's World Tomorrow program after the death of WCG founder Herbert Armstrong in 1986. From then until the show stopped airing in 1994, Mr. Ames presented more than 60 programs, not including the many reporter segments he did during the show's final year.

First ordained to the ministry in 1965 and ordained as an evangelist in the early 1980s, Mr. Ames, after the major doctrinal changes in the Worldwide Church of God earlier in this decade, became officially affiliated with the Global Church of God in March 1996.

He pastors Global congregations in South Texas.

It was Dr. Meredith's idea to bring Mr. Ames onto the program. With his many and varied responsibilities, Dr. Meredith said he felt the need for someone to be able to back him up in case of illness or other special circumstances.

"He gives the program an extra dimension and adds interest, because of millions of people who have seen him on the former program," Dr. Meredith said.

The employees in Global's television department agree, saying that he adds variety, is experienced and professional.

"The World Ahead TV crew, which consists of three full-time personnel," said Mr. Ames, "is doing an incredible job with limited staff, limited resources and limited equipment," and "I really appreciate the evangelistic gift of Roderick Meredith: his powerfully effective preaching of the gospel and his ability to educate people with the truth of God's Word."

So far, Dick Ames has appeared in eight five-minute segments and has taped four full programs of his own. These four addressed Armageddon, Thanksgiving, marriage and Christmas. His next program will cover Easter.

"We feel," said Mr. Ames, "that we have the precious, priceless understanding of God's truth for all humanity, and we want to communicate that as effectively as we can.

"But we also want to give people a reality check and warn the world of what is coming."

He looks forward to going on more stations and at better times.

"Hopefully," he said, "those who watch will tell their friends, neighbors and relatives, and our audience will grow."

Mr. Ames says he feels the gravity of the important work he is involved in.

"It is an inspiring but heavy responsibility that Christ gives us to walk through an open door," he concluded.

"And I feel privileged to have a part in walking through the media doors that God has opened for the Global Church of God."


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