What's in Issue No. 4, May 30, 1997?

  • Family, friends, alumni meet in Texas for the last graduation commencement ceremony of Ambassador University.

  • Molly Hammer Antion remembers Ambassador and the Worldwide Church of God. Her first-person account recalls the beginnings of Ambassador College. She writes of events surrounding her and husband David's disfellowshipment from the WCG in 1979.

  • Former AU president Don Ward looks back at the university and talks of the accreditation process he was intimately involved with.

  • The WCG joined the National Association of Evangelicals May 7. The Journal interviews the vice president of the NAE.

  • Friends are helping Shirley Nieto make available for sale her late husband's library of 1,000 books. Mr. Nieto, a Global elder, died in March.

  • This issue's letters contain many comments on Lee Lisman's article in the previous issue about learning lessons from our church history. They also continue the discussion of holy time started by Gary Fakhoury.

  • Melvin Rhodes, who's turning out to be a regular Journal columnist, says Church of God groups are confusing government with doctrine.

  • Dave Havir, another regular writer of page 3 essays, says we need to appreciate the helpers of our joy.

  • Don Ward and the IBLC issue an announcement, unexpected for many, that he will no longer be associated with the IBLC. The IBLC will continue, and Dr. Ward plans to start something new.

  • The Associated Press plans an article about the WCG and its splits for June. Three Journal staff members met with the AP religion editor on AU graduation day.

  • The CGI sponsors a Bible-study weekend in Toronto.

  • United in Canada sets a record for Unleavened Bread attendance.

  • An Australian United congregation, Melbourne West, splits . Some would say the parting of the ways was because of doctrinal differences, but it's more complicated than that.

  • Toledo congregation, pastored by Ron Weinland, leaves United . Detroit UCG also affected.

  • Gary Fakhoury concludes his two-part series "Observances in the New Covenant: A Biblical Review." Mr. Fakhoury presented his arguments two years ago to church leaders in Pasadena.

  • Letters from our readers
  • An East Texas man, John Warren, was injured in a freak accident in Longview. A tree fell, then bounced on top of Mr. Warren, who with his wife operates a tree-removal business.

  • Church of God scholar Mark Kaplan advises skepticism about the red heifer recently born in Israel.

  • Portsmouth, Ohio, writer John Havir says water is the key to our survival in more ways than one.

  • The Journal interviews John and Evelyn Ritenbaugh, founders of the Church of the Great God. Find out how their church got its name.

  • The UCG council meets in Arcadia to lay plans for preaching the gospel.

  • The UCG council rejects a move to nullify the votes at the March conference in Louisville.

  • Victor Kubik says the exodus of Sabbatarians from Tajikistan is underway.

  • "Notes and Quotes" : Longtime member Larry Branam dies; Mike Feazell of the WCG announces his own new responsibilities; Arcadia employees meet with the council of elders; Mr. Waterhouse is out of the hospital; the CEM plans a conference, camp and the Feast; the U.S. Supreme Court lets stand a ruling that sides with Sabbatarians.

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