Sale Set for Late Pastor's 1,000 Books

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.-Former Worldwide Church of God pastor Carlos Nieto's library of more than 1,000 books is available through an "estate sale by mail" for the benefit of his widow and family.

"He had many books on church and secular history, family relations, religious and general reference books and other subjects," said Rick George, a friend of the Mr. Nieto, who died in March.

Those with Internet access may view or print the list of available titles from the library at the following Web site: www.tpsdata.


"One reason the Internet is the best way to see the information is that the list will be revised as titles are sold," said Mr. George. "However, those who cannot access the list on-line may send $1, payable to Wayne Nieto, for a current paper list by return mail."

Mail list requests to Rememberbooks, P.O Box 2501, Virginia Beach, Va. 23450.

The sale is a one-time, noncommercial disposition of the entire library of nearly new, old and in some cases rare books to benefit Mrs. Nieto directly and potentially to allow her to occupy a smaller, less-expensive apartment.

"Many of these titles should be of considerable interest to church members and are offered at, we believe, very attractive prices," said Mr. George.

Began in Barbado s

Mr. Nieto, 60, died March 3 at home. He was a member of the Global Church of God, attending services with the Williamsburg, Va., congregation. Besides his wife, Shirley, also a member, he is survived by three sons.

Val Burgett performed the funeral, which was the same day as the Nietos' 39th wedding anniversary.

Mr. Nieto served many years in the Worldwide Church of God ministry, first in Barbados, then in South Carolina and finally in Virginia, where he became a naturalized U.S. citizen.

He was weakened by and suffering from cancer at the time of his death, though the direct cause of death was apparently an infection rather than the cancer itself.

He was an energetic personality and a forceful speaker.

Trusted Go d

"Never one to do anything by halves, he fought for life with an intensity that amazed the nurses who were tending his needs," said Mr. George, "and he trusted God to the end."

The Nietos attended the Global Church of God and maintained friendships with brethren still in Worldwide, staying at home and in all the successor organizations active in their area.

"We need such examples and shall miss him," said Mr. George.

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