Associated Press plans June write-up about SCG spin-offs

[The write-up spoken of here appeared in many U.S. papers June 14, although it didn't appear in the Dallas Morning News until Aug. 2]

By Dixon Cartwright

BIG SANDY, Texas-David Briggs, 41-year-old religion editor for The Associated Press, was in Big Sandy May 19, the day of Ambassador University's last graduation ceremonies, as part of his research for a write-up the AP plans for June about the Worldwide Church of God and its breakaways.

Mr. Briggs said he had earlier interviewed Roderick Meredith of San Diego, Calif., presiding evangelist of the Global Church of God; and David Hulme of Arcadia, Calif., president of the United Church of God; and on the Sabbath of May 17 visited the WCG congregation of Arnold Clauson in Dallas.

On the 19th Mr. Briggs also met with WCG pastor general Joseph Tkach Jr. and AU president Russell Duke at the university and talked with students on campus.

He met for lunch with three staff members of THE JOURNAL at The Village Tea Room in Big Sandy.

Mr. Briggs, who works out of New York City, lives in Fairfield, Conn., with his wife, Beth, and son David, 11. He is a 1985 graduate of Yale Divinity School but prefers not to reveal his own religious affiliation other than Christian.

He has served as the AP's religion editor since 1988.

Mr. Briggs, who coaches his son's Little League baseball team, said he plans to visit a United congregation in his home state of Connecticut.

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