What's in issue No. 40, May 31, 2000?

The CGCF convenes a closed meeting in Fort Worth. The United Church of God and the CGCF (Church of God, a Christian Fellowship: the former Global) are communicating. Check back here for an update of the news item that originally appeared in the May 31 print version of The Journal.

A group of ethnic Haitians living in Canada reports its progress a year after it began observing the Sabbath and feast days. See the print version of The Journal.

The Living Church of God adds 15 television stations.

The Living Church of God detonates in the United Kingdom. The Journal quotes from a letter to the British brethren from Presiding Evangelist Roderick Meredith of San Diego, Calif. The Journal also publishes an editorial from a resident of Scotland, David Sheridan, whom Dr. Meredith accuses of "illegitimate" behavior and attempting to take over the church. See the print version of The Journal for both articles.

The United Church of God's sixth general conference of elders, in Fort Mitchell, Ky., is marked by an air of optimism. Read The Journal for details of the assembly, including elders' comments and reports on the election for council members; the only amendment among several voted on that failed (even though it was proposed by the council of elders); a report on the Remnant Church of God of Ghana, Africa; a list of ministerial transfers prompted by the death of a longtime pastor; "salary ranges" of United employees; a budget report from treasurer Tom Kirkpatrick; and a question-and-answer session in which the 12 council members fielded queries about church hymnals, divorce and remarriage, the wisdom of conducting annual conferences and the definition of "spiritual consensus" (one council member mentioned that "spiritual consensus" is not a phrase to be found in the Bible). See the print version of The Journal.

An 82-year-old Church of God member recounts her rescue during recent flood devastation in Missouri. I . . . got out of bed and was astonished that the water was almost to my knees," Rosemary Van Booven told The Journal. "Had I stayed in bed any longer I could have died . . . I went to my front door, opened it and was shocked by what I saw outside." While being rescued by firemen Mrs. Booven finds herself under a capsized boat. Read details in Bill Stough's report in the print version of The Journal.

Letters from readers include commendation of and criticism for Ron Dart's ministry; comments on Alan Knight's series about "primitive Christianity in crisis"; and the legend of James Messenger.

Columnist Melvin Rhodes, who has been with The Journal from its beginning, says good-bye. See the print version of The Journal.

A theme of this issue of The Journal is "servant leadership." Editorialist Linda Hardy White says servant leadership requires more than just paying lip service to the concept. Columnist Dave Havir says the "class system" can derail attempts at implementing servant leadership in a church organization. Howard Baker, a United Church of God member from Texas, delivers a lecture on servant leadership to the assembled general conference of elders of the UCG in Kentucky, a speech that some elders said was the centerpiece of the conference. See the print version of The Journal.

Feast fever is on the increase, judging by the number of notices about this year's Feast of Tabernacles appearing in The Journal. Read about planned observances in England, Missouri, Oregon, Connecticut and Kentucky.

Also, don't miss The Journal's updated list of Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2000.

What is the "true nature" of the "various styles of rock music"? Read about a new book edited by Seventh-day Adventist Samuele Bacchiocchi. In Sabbatarian congregations "praise bands have replaced the choir, overheads have replaced the hymnbooks, pop music has replaced hymns, synthesizers have replaced organs, and drums and guitars have taken their place in the repertoire of church-music instrumentation," Dr. Sam comments about The Christian and Rock Music, a book that seeks to provide "biblical guidance" on a touchy subject.

Barnabas Ministries' Web site sends out the equivalent of 720,000 church booklets per year. The site--the largest Church of God-related installation on the Internet--has been so busy that the founder has had to hire several helpers.

In Alan Knight's latest article in his "Primitive Christianity in Crisis" series, he declares that Colossians 2:16 is a condemnation of Sunday observance and that gnostic Christians equated materialism with Old Covenant angels. Here's a comment from a Journal reader about Mr. Knight's series: "After reading the first two installments based on the book Primitive Christianity in Crisis in The Journal, I became impatient and ordered a copy for myself . . . In my opinion, this book is the greatest thing to hit Christianity since the epistles of Paul . . . I have been telling everyone who is even remotely Christian about this book and even telling about it on mainstream Christianity's forums on the Internet. I think we should all pray that as many people as possible read this book." Please see the print version of The Journal for the latest in the series of articles adapted from Mr. Knight's book.

Remember Robert Kuhn? The former Ambassador College faculty member launches a public-television series. Read Brian Knowles' news feature.

The United Church of God publishes new booklets on creation and evolution.

Read "Notes and Quotes" for news about two congregations--one from a WCG background and the other with a CG7 ancestry--that recently merged. Also: WCG leaders get degrees; a congregation goes to prison; the UCG accepts some elders' credentials; and more.

In her column in Connections, Darlene Warren remembers Spokesman Club. Since Darlene is a girl, how does she do that? Read her article and find out.

Read the latest prayer requests and obituaries in our classified section.

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