CGCF convenes closed meeting in Fort Worth

By Mac Overton

Elders of the Church of God, a Christian Fellowship (CGCF), met in Fort Worth, Texas, May 28-31. The Journal had planned to send a reporter to some of the meetings, but church official Larry Salyer of Fort Worth informed The Journal it was not welcome to attend.

The church is made up of elders and other members from the former Global Church of God of San Diego, Calif. Last year, when Global embarked on a legal strategy similar to declaring bankruptcy, its administrators shut Global down and moved to Texas, forming a new corporation.

The Journal contacted Larry Salyer, director of church administration for CGCF, in early May and left a phone message to ask which days would be best to attend at the conference, after learning about it from a CGCF Web site.

Mr. Salyer, by phone May 24, apologized for not returning earlier messages but told this writer for The Journal that he should not attend the conference because it is "going to be basically a meeting of the council of elders of the church."

He added that all elders in the CGCF are on the council and that he was thinking about limiting meetings only to ordained men.

All meetings, he said, were to take place in executive, or closed, sessions.

Mr. Salyer said the elders would discuss bylaws and the operation of the church and that "there are probably going to be some knock-down, drag-out sessions."

He added that the meetings would probably be boring to the general public.

Mr. Salyer offered to share his interpretation of the results of the meetings with The Journal after the meeting.

On May 28 Mr. Salyer informed The Journal that elder Edwin Pope of San Diego had arrived to prepare for a presentation at the conference location the previous week but began suffering medical problems of undetermined origin and had to be taken to a hospital's emergency room. Mr. Pope was still hospitalized at this writing.

"I've been at the hospital virtually nonstop," Mr. Salyer said.

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