What's in issue No. 30, July 30, 1999?

A Texas pastor, Roy Holladay, urges Church of God members to get ready for Y2K.

The Journal and Barnabas Ministries list 237 Church of God servers, most of them church organizations and fellowship groups but also publications and service organizations.

A council member says reports about Global are exaggerated. Ewin Barnett interviews Norbert Link. See the print version of The Journal.

Church president Les McCullough says fear God and avoid cafeteria Christianity.

Church of God elder Tom Justus, in a sermon in Texas, says fear not, and you too can preach the gospel.

Mr. Justus, in an interview with The Journal, talks about sacred names, little ministries, and his friend Herbert W. Armstrong. See the print version of The Journal.

A congregation in Bloomington, Ill., splits. The Journal interviews a member of the congregation. In the same article The Journal asks the council of elders of the international association a question about the suspension of Bloomington elder Garry Pifer.

The Journal prints the official response to The Journal's question, written by the council chairman on behalf of the council.

Letters to the editor feature comments on The Journal's series on tithing; two remarks about names that refer to God and Jesus; several comments on recent articles by Dave Havir; follow-ups to an editorial by Eric Snow regarding The Journal's nature-of-Jesus series; a letter from a Canadian about Canadian Joseph Stanley Faulder's execution in Texas; and a prayer request for a Boston policeman. Read these letters and many more beginning on page 2 of the print version of The Journal.

Editorials and columns for the July issue talk about real and imagined heroes (C. Wayne Cole); the format of first-century church services (David Roe); Christians who hear the wrong voice (Paul Morris); just what do you mean binding and loosing (Dave Havir); now is not such a wonderful time to be a church pastor (Melvin Rhodes); and a church's process with a problem (George Young).

The Journal's Bill Stough interviews Ron Dart about bickering, bridges and the future. See the print version of The Journal.

Babies lying on blankets during church services inspire a Bible correspondence course for kids.

The Journal talks with Joseph Tkach Jr. of the Worldwide Church of God and Hal Finch of the Worldwide Church of God Restored about a meeting between WCGR leaders and Mr. Tkach. See the print version of The Journal.

A lecturer on the lost 10 tribes (Melvin Rhodes, who is also a columnist for The Journal) travels in Australia on a speaking tour.

In its fourth article in its current tithing series, The Journal publishes a historical essay by Herman Hoeh explaining three tithes.

The Journal lists 105 Feast of Tabernacles sites.

In an essay John Warren says Bible readers should keep the setting of Malachi 4 in mind when drawing conclusions about an end-time Elijah. See the print version of The Journal.

Kids camp by day in Big Sandy.

Home alone for the Feast? Here's a way to participate in live Feast of Tabernacles services beginning Sept. 25.

"Notes and Quotes" has news of and for picnickers, Feast musicians and singers, readers of Servants' News and people who might like to listen to the sounds of sudden destruction on CD.

In Connections, the advertising supplement to The Journal, read Darlene Warren's remembrances of attending the Feast in the old days. She also talks about her husband's family's unusual Feast vehicle.

From Connections, WCG old-timer Hugh Mauck, AC class of 1958, pens a poem, "The Gift of Life is Free!"

Connections runs classifieds.

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