Kids camp by day in Big Sandy

The writer was director of last month's day camp in Big Sandy.

By Roger Daniels

BIG SANDY, Texas--Volunteers at the annual United Church of God Big Sandy day camp started with basketball, T-ball and a leather class the morning of June 21. The camp ran through June 25.

Other activities included crafts, dance, Christian living, cooking, soccer, kickball, swimming and tie dyeing.

Elise Atteberry, 8, revealed why she likes day camp.

"Friends are what makes day camp so much fun," she said.

Michelyn Smith of Dallas, 6, commented that she likes camp "because we can do the activity ourself. We get to do the cooking in the cooking class."

Laura Wilson, a staff volunteer from nearby Tyler, said an advantage of day camp is that "the kids get to do a lot of different stuff and see a lot of friends."

One day of the camp Aaron and Michelle Dean of Gladewater invited the campers to their house on Lake Gladewater for swimming and tubing behind a boat.

Two days after camp officially ended, the campers attended an end-of-camp swimming party sponsored by Cindy and David Martin of Hawkins. Forty-seven campers attended, and an additional 14 attended a "child-care minicamp."

About 30 volunteers operate the week-long day camp at the congregation's building in Big Sandy. Several even take time off their regular jobs to volunteer.

For more pictures of the camp, see The Journal, June 30, page 20.

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