Home alone for the Feast? Here's an idea

FEDERAL WAY, Wash.--If you have a telephone, you can attend the Feast this fall, says Ken Westby, publisher of New Millennium magazine.

The Christian Church of God (CCG), pastored by Jeff Booth of Amarillo, Texas, and the Association for Christian Development (ACD), directed by Mr. Westby, will provide a live, free-of-charge hookup for anyone who cannot attend Feast services in person.

The Feast site, in San Antonio, Texas, at the Sumner Suites Hotel, will be one jointly sponsored by the CCG and ACD and will begin broadcasting its services over phone lines the first day of the Feast, Sept. 25.

"The purpose of this special arrangement is to serve those brethren who for reasons of health, advanced age, finances or last-minute conflicts will be unable to travel to a festival location," said Mr. Westby. "They can now be part of God's high-point celebration of the year."

Services will take place daily at 10:30 a.m. central time Sept. 25 through Oct. 2. All a would-be listener needs to do is call (918) 222-7158. Then key in a code number, 0566#, when prompted by a recorded message.

"Callers will then be placed into the live audience just like those who are attending in person," said Mr. Westby. "Callers will hear the entire service: music, announcements, special music and sermon."

A speaker phone would be nice for small groups of listeners, he said, but regular phones will work too. The hookup is free, except that callers must pay for their own phone calls.

If a caller goes through a discount long-distance service (one is available by dialing 10-10-636 before the area code and phone number on this or any other long-distance call), rates are as low as 5 cents a minute.

For more information about the San Antonio Feast site, see the advertisement in this issue of Connections, on page 22.

"If you know of people who could benefit from this special arrangement, please pass on this announcement," Mr. Westby asked. "There is now no reason for anyone to feel left out and alone during the celebration of Yahweh's great Feast of Tabernacles."

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