What's in issue No. 80, dated Sept. 30, 2003?

Many of the articles in this issue of The Journal report or comment on the events surrounding the illness and death of Garner Ted Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong died Sept. 15 of complications from pneumonia.

This issue's lead article: "Garner Ted Armstrong's Passing Marks End of an Era for Many in the Churches of God." It includes coverage of Mr. Armstrong's funeral and the first ICG Sabbath service after the funeral.

In "Columns and Commentary," several writers reflect on Mr. Armstrong: Dave Havir (a "lasting impression"), Brian Knowles (he "got a lot of things right"), Ian Boyne ("the CGI Jamaica remembers church founder"), James Tabor ("'the Voice' was my greatest influence"), Ellis Stewart ("he planted the seeds of truth"), Wayne Cole ("I've fond memories of a childhood friend"), Alan Ruth ("GTA's was the last media success of the COGs") and David V. Barrett (an outsider looks at Garner Ted's legacy).

The print version of this issue also includes several historic photographs of Mr. Armstrong.

Many letters writers also remember Garner Ted Armstrong.

In other matters, an editor of publications for one of the Churches of God concludes Allah is not the God of the Bible and speculates on Islam's place in prophecy.

The publisher of The Journal tells all about advertising in the church newspaper.

Some COG ladies dedicate their conference meetings to the memory of Linda White.

The Journal invites Feast reports for 2003.

The Bible Sabbath Association invites everyone to its 2003 conference in Tulsa.

Janet Treadway describes the long road to her 29th Feast of Tabernacles.

In the latest installment of John Warren's history series, he interviews several people, including Ray Dick, Charles Hunting, Don Bjoraker, Ken Treybig, Dave Havir and Kimberly Mabry. The subject: The archaeological excavations of the Temple Mount sponsored in part by the Worldwide Church of God in the '60s and '70s. This is a new and revised history of the dig. See the print version of The Journal.

"Notes and Quotes" includes a health update on Raymond McNair.

In her monthly column, Darlene marvels at Church of God people. "There's a little weirdness in all of us," she concludes.

See our list of prayer requests and obituaries.

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