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Prayers for Mr. McNair

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--Raymond and Eve McNair have reportedly requested prayers on behalf of Mr. McNair, who has been diagnosed with a tumor on his spine. Mr. McNair was an evangelist for many years in the Worldwide Church of God and an early graduate of Ambassador College.

Commandments on the march

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.--Alfred Harrell's Christian Leadership Academy is organizing rallies to support the Ten Commandments, announced Theda Horton. The first is planned for Little Rock in October, then other cities including Richmond, Va., and finally Washington, D.C.

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Baptists for the Feast

AUCKLAND, New Zealand--The Auckland Baptist Tabernacle plans to observe the Feast of Tabernacles this year with a "special service," reports Gavin Rumney of Auckland on his Web site,

"How come it's okay for Auckland's most prominent Baptist church . . . to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles with a special service, and yet it's not okay for Worldwide Church of God members to as much as use that term to describe the events organized around this time of year?" wondered Mr. Rumney.

Creation cornered

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.--C. Frazier Spencer, who has compiled a book promoting creationism (as opposed to evolution), reports he has a new E-mail address: . Or contact him at (317) 859-0391 or 7534 Inverness Dr., Indianapolis, Ind. 46237, U.S.A. For more information about his book, Creation Corner, see "Notes in Quotes" in THE JOURNAL of Aug. 31.

Final prophecy

DAYTON, Ohio--"If you desire to know what will transpire in the near future concerning prophecy, then meticulously read the little book of Revelation 10," advises Kenneth Plummer.

For more about the "secret thunderous message" of Revelation 10, which Mr. Plummer also describes as "a riddle wrapped in a mystery," see his Web site, Or write Mr. Plummer at .

Teens and young adults to retreat

KANSAS CITY, Mo.--Organizer Paula Frazee announces this year's Teen and Young Adult Retreat for the Kansas City area. The camp is meant to provide fellowship and the chance to meet other teens and young adults who are Church of God members.

The camp, sponsored by the Church of God Kansas City, will begin at noon Sunday, Dec. 28, and run through Wednesday, Dec. 31, at the Salvation Army Camp and Conference Center in Kansas City. The cost will be $30 per person.

For more information contact Mrs. Frazee at (816) 461-3252, or 3201 N. Union, Independence, Mo. 64050, U.S.A. The application deadline is Dec. 10.

Global ad campaign

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--Warren Zehrung of the Church of the Eternal God announces that the Global Church of God in the United Kingdom, affiliated with the CEG in the United States, has received 1,200 responses to an ad campaign to distribute the booklets God's Commanded Holy Days and Don't Keep Christmas.

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The faithful word

BIG SANDY, Texas--Ed and Cindy Burson are resurrecting the newsletter they produced in the '80s, The Faithful Word. This time they will publish online, at

"There are many great, gaping, sad, empty holes in what is being taught" in the churches, said Mr. Burson. "We see a dire need in the Church of God today."

Write the Bursons at .

Mr. Armstrong's 111th

CAPE TOWN, South Africa--July 31 was the 111th anniversary of the birth of Herbert W. Armstrong, announced Geoffrey Neilson.

For a continuing commemoration of Mr. Armstrong's birthday, Mr. Neilson noted the availability of free DVDs and CDs containing audio and video material from Mr. Armstrong's ministry.

"They are ideal for showing at the Feast, as reminders of the worldwide work which Mr. Armstrong and the church era that supported him did," said Mr. Neilson.

For more information write COG CDs, Box 442, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281, U.S.A., or E-mail .

Beyond the book of Acts

PALM BAY, Fla.--A new book, Beyond Acts: New Perspectives in New Testament History, by Paul R. Finch, is available at Trafford Publishing. Beyond Acts is a serious study of New Testament history that "will open our understanding of New Testament history as never before," said a press release.

Mr. Finch dedicates the book to the memory of Ernest Martin, the founder of Associates for Scriptural Knowledge, Portland, Ore.

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