Front page: Ladies dedicate meetings to Linda White

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--Fifty-five women from as far north as Perry, Mich., and as far west as Carrollton, Texas, came together at a Marriott hotel in Birmingham July 25-27 to share their Christian experiences and make new friends.

The conference, themed "A Woman's Walk With Christ," was especially for Church of God ladies in the southeastern part of the United States and was dedicated to the memory of Linda White, a Carrollton resident who organized several similar conferences in her lifetime.

Opening greetings on Friday night, July 25, were brought by Sondra Beam of Tupelo, Miss.

Mrs. Beam presented a view of the speaking schedule and encouraged the ladies to enjoy meeting new Christian friends and longtime friends in Christ. The ladies enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and fellowship the rest of the evening.

On Sabbath morning the ladies had breakfast and were greeted by Aggie Jacques of Brevard, N.C., who acted as mistress of ceremonies for the day.

After the opening prayer by Pat Morgan of Memphis, Tenn., the women joined their voices with a few worship songs, and Mrs. Beam introduced special music by herself and other solo vocalists Rhonda Oprean of Hillsboro, Mo., and June Felix of Alabaster, Ala.

Peggy Wooten of Pelham, Ala., read a dedication to Mrs. White and read exhortations from others and herself concerning Mrs. White's contributions to Church of God women's conferences.

"Karen Metcalf [of Carrollton] was recognized for her contribution in serving as Linda's right hand in these conferences also," Mrs. Beam said.

Morning speakers

Mrs. Jacques introduced the speakers for the morning session:

o Sharon Ledy of Lainsburg, Mich., on "love languages" and how to love each other to be instruments in God's hands.

o Lanice Shults of Jackson, Tenn., spoke on "worship" and being women after God's heart.

o Carol Boyer of Perry, Mich., spoke on "holes" and filling them with humility and a personal relationship with God.

o Judy Post of McQueeney, Texas, spoke on "kindness, wisdom and work" and that God wants His people to have virtue and moral excellence and character.

After a break for lunch, Mrs. Jacques welcomed the ladies back, then special-music pieces were given by Carol Boyer, Sharon Ledy, Linda Carter and Lori Kemp.

God's intervention

Mrs. Jacques introduced the afternoon's speakers:

o Sharley Pettit of Atkins, Ark., gave the ladies several pointers on "God's intervention for our safety." She is a certified safety and health specialist and travels all over to help in OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training and other safety programs.

o Raina Shults of Jackson spoke on "an extreme walk with Jesus" through prayer and Bible study, worship, repentance, meditation and fasting. Raina was the teen speaker of the conference.

o Vicki Calvert of Springville, Ala., spoke on the "power of words" and that one can exercise such power on people's lives positively and negatively.

o Mrs. Beam spoke on the phrase "Oh, that You would bless me" from 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 and "expanding your territories."

"The ladies then broke for a wonderful candlelight, elegant dinner where much spiritual conversation was shared," Mrs. Beam reported.

Surviving cancer

Mrs. Jacques introduced the evening's speakers:

o Evelena Goff of Belmont, Miss., spoke on "surviving breast cancer and treating it naturally." She gave several pointers on fighting malignancies through foods and juicing as well as making available cancer pamphlets and handouts.

o Rhonda Oprean spoke on "Christ's sacrifice" and what it should mean to Christians. She brought a prop showing how lambs were sacrificed in Old Testament times and likened it to Christ's sacrifice and what His blood means for His people.

The responsibility then fell on Mrs. Beam for a brief discussion about the ladies' favorite female Bible characters.

Before the break for the evening, the organizers gave door prizes to everyone and made hand and neck massages available.

Music and the center line

"On Sunday morning the ladies met for breakfast and joined together again their beautiful voices for several hymns and then heard special-music pieces by Carol Boyer and Sharon Ledy, June Felix and Lori Kemp," said Mrs. Beam.

After the music the speakers were as follows:

o Rebecca Blevins of Fort Wayne, Ind., spoke on "focusing on the center line." She showed how people's lives tend to focus on wrong things and not on Jesus and how He should be a person's focal point.

o Patsy Adams of Somerville, Tenn., spoke on "finding your place in the Body of Christ through spiritual gifts." By understanding one's spiritual gifts, she said, one can understand other people.

o Aggie Jacques presented "Why Do We Allow It?" She gave the ladies pointers on how to detect domestic violence and survive it through God's help.

Closing words

The closing speaker was Mrs. Wooten, on "honor," and pointing out the difference between honor and obedience and that there is no age limit for one to be a person of honor.

Thanks and closing statements came from Mrs. Jacques, Mrs. Wooten and Mrs. Beam. Then the ladies joined hands in a circle for a dismissal prayer by Jenny Baughman of Canton, Ohio.

"The ladies in attendance were moved with tears and laughter as they listened to the many Spirit-filled messages," Mrs. Beam said.

"Each lady thoroughly enjoyed meeting new Christian friends and also seeing longtime friends in Christ."

"I'm so full I'm bubbling over," one participant commented.

Another said, "I could go climb a mountain with the Spirit of God that I'm filled with."

"With the unanimous response from the ladies, we will be back next year to have another conference," said Mrs. Beam. "So stay tuned."

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