What's in issue No. 78, dated July 31, 2003?

Church of God members deliver an open letter to Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Wayne Cole reports on the Denver-based Church of God (Seventh Day)'s biennial conference in San Antonio, Texas.

A Chicago conference is designed to help the brethren.

Pastor general says 'Jewish' trappings harmful to Christianity; WCG must drop Sabbath and feasts. See the print version of The Journal.

A Big Sandy congregation elects a new board trustee.

ACD-sponsored seminars in Tyler, Texas, promote 'unitary monotheism.' The Journal quotes the 10 presenters explaining themselves. For another side to the nature-of-God discussion, The Journal also presents information from Herbert W. Armstrong. See the print version of The Journal.

The Journal receives letters.

In editorials and columns, Anne Hanna reports that from her perspective 'Christian anti-Semitism' is on the increase in the WCG; Wesley White advises ignoring those who advise 'no more beyond'; Henrik Blunck responds to an earlier column on ministerial remuneration by Brian Knowles; Brian Knowles tells what to study when you're in doubt; and Dave Havir contrasts mercy with sacrifice. See the print version of The Journal.

A Mormon scholar lectures in Australia and New Zealand on Israel in prophecy.

Preteens learn about critters at Bug Safari camp.

A history of Abraham and his descendants makes a Spanish connection.

The Living Church of God announces the departure of Raymond McNair.

"Notes and Quotes" reports Feast information, the announcement of a new hymnal and the death of Richard Rice.

Connections (the advertising section of The Journal) runs classified ads, including prayer requests.

In her monthly column (this month titled "Learn to Recognize a Blessing"), Darlene recalls living close to the land.

The Journal lists Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2003.

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