Preteens learn about critters at Bug Safari camp

By John Warren

BIG SANDY, TEXAS--The Church of God Big Sandy played host to Bug Safari, this year's preteen camp, on the evenings of June 23-26.

The 49 campers were separated into three age-groups called Bumblebees (ages 4-6), Lightning Bugs (7-9) and Dragonflies (10-12).

Sharon Wilson of Tyler, Texas, served as a safari crew chief. Assisting were Carol Bald of Gladewater, Reesa Bearse of Hawkins and Angela Dunnam of Pritchett.

Dave Havir, pastor of the congregation, said that "not only are the ladies organized, but they are very creative. Last year they had a circus, and this year they had a bug safari. The kids loved it."

Enthusiastic preteens participated in activities that included an obstacle course, team-building, music, crafts, woodcrafts, a bug hunt, nature, weird science, cooking and fire safety. The older children had archery and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Mr. Havir commented on involved parents' experience in running preteen camps.

"Members of our congregation have been involved in organizing successful preteen camps since about 1990," he said. "Before we formed in 1995, these parents were part of the camps in the Worldwide Church of God."

Mr. Havir said fathers helped out as well.

"From about 1990 to 2001 we had preteen camps during the day," he said. "This eliminated many fathers from participating. However, last year and this year we moved the camp to the evening, and fathers have been an asset to the program."

A cookout and swim party for campers and staff members took place on Sunday, June 29, at Lake Hawkins.

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