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United Church of God elders nominate nine men for council.
Raymond McNair did not die of cancer.
Christian Educational Ministries begins Sabbath services in new headquarters building.
The Worldwide Church of God officially changes its name
Philadelphia Church of God buys Swans in Flight
New Bible first from Church of God translator
List of Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2009 from The Journal
United Church of God elder reports on recent general conference
UCG elders sound off and ask hard questions at recent conference
United Church of God Elders approve $24 million dollar budget
Clyde Kilough / Richard Thompson have resigned from UCG council of elders
United Church of God makes decisions on headquarters move, bloc voting, forums
Government honors Church of God International regional pastor
CG7 Meridian elder in talks with Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Church member rescues drowning man, receives federal lifesaving award
Churches of God aren't God's church, UCM founder declares
Other News and Articles
 Ross Jutsum's circuit takes him out of town 40 weekends every year.
Church member says cancer transforms your point of view
What's the plain truth about the W in Herbert W. Armstrong?
Motorist believes helpful truck driver was an angel.
Commentaries, Columns and Essays
What's next when the formula in Matthew 18 doesn't work? by Dixon Cartwright
The faith that saves will take you to the New Jerusalem by Art Mokarow
Did your Feast of Tabernacles promote hope? by Wes White
Can't we all just get along? by Dixon Cartwright
Religious titles befuddle the brethren by Dave Havir
Why does God kill people? by James McBride
Take it from a retired meat cutter, iron sharpens iron by Gerald Gill
Woman COG pastor battles the GCI / WCG's 'new truth' by Dianne D. McDonnell
Escape from this perverse generation by Dave Havir
  If ever there's a time to mourn, it's now by Luke Przeslawski
America excels at keeping the Second Great Commandment by Harry Curly
Have the independent churches lost their way?  by Wes White
 'We shall beat our swords' misleading by Lenny Cacchio
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