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Notes and Quotes

Robert Roenspies dies

ELGIN, Ill.--General Pastor Robert Roenspies, founder of God's Church, also known as the Church Outreach Program (COP), died Sept. 16, 2009.

Mr. Roenspies is survived by a brother, Dave, of Lake Geneva, Wis.

No details of the circumstances of Mr. Roenspies' death were immediately available.

The last address The Journal has for the COP is P.O. Box 6111, Elgin, Ill. 60121, U.S.A.

The jubilee principle

HARTVILLE, Mo.--WND Books, an imprint of the popular conservative news service World Net Daily, has published a book by Church of God member Dan L. White called The Jubilee Principle: God's Plan for Economic Freedom.

"The book begins with a discussion of the well-known parallels between the jubilee cycle of the Bible and the economic boom-bust cycle," Mr. White told The Journal.

The topic of the "jubilee principle" is timely, Mr. White said, because of the recent recession and economic state of much of the world. It's also appropriate for this time in history, he said, because of "the upsurge of worldwide interest in the festivals of God."

Order The Jubilee Principle directly from or from booksellers such as

GTA tape library

NORTH SYDNEY, Australia--The GTA Tape Library announced the recent addition of more than 150 television programs taped by Garner Ted Armstrong.

The library hopes "to soon add many more in the coming months," announced David Moffitt. See

New take on 2012

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif.--Bob Thiel's new book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect (list price $20) will be an "invaluable guide" to anyone worried about the period beginning with 2012, Dr. Thiel told The Journal."

The book "goes past the hype to explain what really will and will not happen in 2012," he said.

It is timed to come out just before the release of a major motion picture called 2012 that is based on Mayan prophecies that some say point to the time just ahead.

Dr. Thiel researched ancient prophecies from many sources, including Mayan, Hindu, Catholic, Byzantine, Buddhist and Islamic.

For more information, see and

Darts injured on way to Feast

WHITEHOUSE, Texas--Ron and Allie Dart, founders of Christian Educational ministries, were injured in an auto accident on their way to the CEM's Feast site in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., in late September just before the festival, which begins the evening of Oct. 2.

Mr. Dart, in an E-mail to friends, reported, "We will be fine." He and Mrs. Dart visited a hospital emergency room and were quickly released.

What happened? "I went to sleep at the wheel," Mr. Dart reported, "and I hit a guard rail which spun the car around."

Mr. Dart said his sleep apnea could have been a contributing factor.

The accident occurred in or near Lucedale, Miss.

New church to inaugurate

GERMANTOWN, Md.--Pastor Lennox Abrigo announced the inauguration service of the Seventh-Day New Covenant Church on Dec. 12, 2009, at 7550 Buchanan St., Hyattsville, Md., and you're invited to attend.

The church is unusual, Mr. Abrigo said, because of its vision statement and goals.

The statement: "God's military is churches in fraternity." Its two vision-related goals:

  • To pursue its mission daily, as the first Christian church pursued its (see Acts 2:46).

  • To "partner with non-SDA Sabbath-keepers and Sunday worshipers" to "build up God's Kingdom through spiritual warfare, believing that saving grace alone--Jesus' death on Calvary--qualifies sinners to become members of His spiritual body, not devotion to their day of worship."

Pastor Abrigo, a dedicated Sabbatarian, likes to point out that "you don't have to leave your church to be active in ours."

For more information see

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