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Churchwide discipleship theme
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Churchwide discipleship theme for UCG elders conference
Elders approve $24 million budget for fiscal 2009-10

by Dixon Cartwright

Elders of the United Church of God an International Association, meeting for the 15th time as a body (if you count the founding conference in Indianapolis, Ind., in 1995), convened May 3-4, 2009, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

During this year's conference 345 elders, most present at the meeting location but others participating by phone or Internet, elected four men to sit for new terms on the 12-man governing council of elders.

The voters chose Scott Ashley and Melvin Rhodes as the two new council members and returned Richard Thompson and William Eddington to their seats on the council.

The elders by secret ballot voted for or against the candidates and balloted as well for or against the yearly strategic and operation plans and the 2009-10 budget.

All three measures passed.

Four new terms

The voting came after the nomination process, in which elders chose nine of their fellow ministers to participate in the election to fill the four open council seats.

For the vacant international position, the elders declined to select David Baker (who serves as a church employee in Africa, even though he is a resident of Honeoye Falls, N.Y.) and selected William Eddington, who lives and serves in Australia.

For the three council spots open to U.S.-serving elders, fellow elders decided not to select nominees and former council members Gary Antion of Batavia, Ohio, incumbent Richard Pinelli, also of Batavia; Jim Franks of Milford, Ohio; and Doug Horchak of Plano, Texas. The elders elected new council members Mr. Ashley and Mr. Rhodes and reelected Mr. Thompson.

The current council configuration: Scott Ashley, Arvada, Colo; Bob Berendt (international), Edmonton, Alta., Canada; Aaron Dean, Gladewater, Texas; William Eddington (international), Melbourne, Australia; Roy Holladay (who became council chairman shortly after the conference), Cleveland, Tenn.; Paul Kieffer (international), Troisdorf, Germany; Clyde Kilough (president of the church), Cincinnati; Victor Kubik, Indianapolis, Ind.; Darris McNeely, Greenwood, Ind.; Melvin Rhodes, Lansing, Mich.; Richard Thompson, Eustis, Fla.; and Robin Webber, Romoland, Calif.

After the conference, whose theme for 2009 was "Making Disciples: A Whole-Church Effort," the council chose one of its own--Mr. Holladay--to serve as its chairman for the next two years.

Mr. Holladay replaces Bob Dick of Portland, Ore., who decided not to run for the council this year and thus could not serve again as chairman.

Budget information

The annual budget, calculated by treasurer Jason Lovelady, listed the expense amounts for the more than $24 million allocated for fiscal year 2009-10 as follows:

Salaries and related expense, $8,726,072 (36 percent of the budget); grants and charitable support, $6,292,543 (26 percent); travel and lodging, $2,477,259 (10 percent); contracted services and fees, $2,349,805 (9.7 percent); printing, media, advertising, $2,166,750 (9 percent); postage and shipping, $1,097,724 (4.5 percent); supplies and miscellaneous, $630,130 (2.6 percent); telephone and utilities, $183,318 (0.76 percent); rentals, $146,400 (0.6 percent); facilities fund, $130,000 (0.54 percent); and unallocated, $50,000 (0.21 percent).

The total budget amount for the year: $24,250,000 (a decrease of $250,000 from last year's figure).

Contact information

For more information about the UCGIA see, or write P.O. Box 541027, Cincinnati, Ohio 45254, U.S.A.

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