What's in issue No. 27, April 30, 1999?

Sabbatarians from several fellowships meet March 20 in the building owned by the Tulsa (Okla.) Church of God. The congregation provided Alfred Harrell with the chance to speak to encourage support for the Christian Leadership's Academy's April 24 campaign in Tulsa. The article mainly describes preparations for the event, but Natalie Avery also briefly tells how things went the day of the campaign.

A Church of God elder questions the COGs' traditional teachings on tithing. Garry Pifer of Bloomington, Ill., conducted a Bible study on a Sabbath in January that three months later has resulted in the suspension, but not the revocation, of his ministerial credentials. Mr. Pifer says he "crossed the line" according to the ground rules for elders in his church organization, but, in an interview with The Journal, he gives his reasons for presenting the study. The Journal also interviews Larry Greider, Mr. Pifer's regional pastor. See the print version of The Journal for the interview.

The Journal had planned that its next series of doctrinal essays would take up the subject of tithing. Therefore, because of the timeliness of Mr. Pifer's study, it is published in the April 30 issue as the first article in the series. The Journal plans other essays on the subject, including a defense of the traditional Worldwide Church of God teaching on tithing.

Twenty-six religious organizations , most with no links to the Worldwide Church of God, espouse teachings that closely resemble traditional WCG beliefs. So reports Norm Edwards of Servants' News.

Techie Dan Deininger of Helena, Mont., tells how to make a cybercast. What is a cybercast? It's similar to a radio program. It is a live (or prerecorded) audio broadcast. Use it for sermons, Bible studies, music performances, commentary, news, weather or sports--anything you would produce a radio broadcast for. One of the big differences between cybercasting and radio broadcasting is the cost. Cybercasting costs less. In some cases, cybercasting costs almost nothing. Mr. Deininger's Churches of God Cyber Auxiliary can help you determine if cybercasting is right for you.

About 100 people plan to flee to a place of safety in a few days (reportedly on or about May 28). Journal writer Bill Stough interviews some of the people as they make their last-minute preparations. He also interviews Tom Van Asperen of Fourth Angel Ministries, Paradise, Calif., who has concluded that now is the time to flee. Most of the people who plan to flee are not Church of God members, although among them are five Church of God families from Missouri and Illinois.

In letters to the editor, a reader comments on Church of God members who plan legal action to try to stop the sale of the WCG's Pasadena, Calif., property. Letters also include an announcement of the death of Jeananne Gibson; a reply to last month's letter titled "Why I Fly United"; and a parable about assertive incompetence.

Editorials feature Norman Edwards writing about an idea that would keep speakers and listeners awake and on their toes; Dave Havir commenting on batons and mantles; Melvin Rhodes asking the corporate question; and Ron Dart wondering if there could be a bad time to flee.

Church of God members Harry Curley and Hector Roybal remark on the impending sale of the WCG's Pasadena property and the significance of the sale to COG members.

The Journal interviews Ron Weinland, pastor of the Church of God of Temperance, Mich., who says the Churches of God are in serious trouble. Mr. Weinland talks about his ministry and sounds a warning to members of the Churches of God. The Journal also publishes a summary of a recent sermon by Mr. Weinland regarding who is a "believer" and who is an "unbeliever."

An independent pastor (Dave Havir of Big Sandy) speaks at United Church of God Sabbath services in Tupelo, Miss. The visit was significant in part because it followed by only a few months the disinvitation of another independent elder, Ron Dart, after he had been invited to speak at a United service in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ray Wooten, founder of United Christian Ministries, speaks at a Building Bridges get-together in Conway, Ark. Organizer Charles Green said Mr. Wooten encouraged the brethren "to share what we have been given."

Ian Boyne, Church of God International pastor in Jamaica, reports on eight recent baptisms in his country and a dialogue with representatives of non-Sabbatarian churchmen concerning the Sabbath. More than 400 people turned out for the latter event.

James McBride of the Churches of God UK reports on his and other efforts of the Churches of God Outreach Ministries, with which the COGUK is associated. Projects of CGOM-associated congregations include radio broadcasting, literature publishing, leaflet distribution, support of a new Feast of Tabernacles site in India and a "sandwich ministry" in St. Louis.

The International Bible Learning Center has decided to diversify its board of regents. Two new regents are George Crow of Katy, Texas, and Richard Fox of Madison, Tenn. An IBLC founder, John Merritt, says the organization wants to distinguish itself "from tape ministries by sticking to topics on which our instructors can provide in-depth, college-level discussions." The instructors on tape include David Antion, Gary Antion, Mark Kaplan, Robert Coulter, Ralph Levy, Don Ward and Ray Wooten.

Connections: Member to Member is the advertising supplement to The Journal: News of the Churches of God. Each monthly issue of Connections includes display ads and classified ads and announcements, as well as features for young people such as puzzles and stories. This issue's story-- "One Day On Campus"--is penned by Journal staffer Trey Cartwright.

The Sabbath Campers Fellowship plans camp-outs for June and August for brethren from a variety of Church of God groups.

Claude Ellis , a singer on the original Radio Church of God broadcast, dies. Richard Nickels reports on Mr. Ellis's background and association with Herbert W. Armstrong, founder of the Radio Church of God broadcast and the church of the same name in the early days of Mr. Armstrong's ministry.

"Notes and Quotes" includes a joint announcement by Barnabas Ministries and The Journal of an updated list of Church of God groups compiled by Barnabas founder Alan Ruth. The list of 200-some groups is planned for publication in The Journal within the next few issues. "Notes and Quotes" also reports on David Lewis's plans to lecture in Australia about Israel in prophecy; the YOU Alumni Association; a "family reunion" of COG brethren in June in West Virginia; and activities for singles in Florida at the Feast of Tabernacles.

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