Eight more baptized in Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica--The spring feast season was highlighted by the baptisms of eight people in the Church of God International (CGI) in Jamaica, bringing to 44 the number of baptisms in less than two years.

Over that period 16 people came to the CGI from the Worldwide Church of God.

The latest was Herman Miller, who was the first person baptized in the WCG during the 1963 Caribbean (then called West Indies) baptizing tour conducted by WCG elders Dibar Apartian and Ronald Kelly.

"Excitement gripped some CGI old-timers as Mr. Miller made his decision to take Passover with the CGI and to transfer fellowship with a group continuing the fundamental doctrines which he accepted since 1955," said Ian Boyne, CGI pastor here.

On the night of March 30, 25 people took Passover in the Ocho Rios congregation, while in Kingston 85 participated, bringing the total to 110.

Passover services in Ocho Rios were conducted by deacon Paul O'Connor and George Ramocan. Mr. Boyne conducted the services in Kingston.

On the first day of Unleavened Bread, 140 brethren from the two congregations met in Kingston.

On the Sabbath of the feast 138 met in Kingston, while 22 met in Ocho Rios, a total of 159 meeting for that weekly Sabbath.

One hundred twenty-seven people attended services in Kingston on the last day of Unleavened Bread.

Sermons focused on overcoming and spiritual growth, and a series was given by Ian Boyne on "how to keep from falling away," identifying the reasons people usually give for leaving the church and giving the antidote in each case.

Mr. Ramocan and Mr. O'Connor spoke on spiritual growth and the urgency of mastering weaknesses, as well as the importance of developing loving relationships in the church.

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