British rep says CGOM wants to spread biblical message

The writer is director of the Church of God UK, associated with the Churches of God Outreach Ministries (CGOM). Write the COGUK at P.O. Box 2525, Lincoln LN5 7PF, England, or Write the CGOM at the same address or P.O. Box 54621, Tulsa, Okla. 74155, U.S.A.; or 100 Northcote St., Aberdare, N.S.W. 2325, Australia.

By James McBride

LINCOLN, England--Readers of The Journal are united in their desire to see the biblical message spread far and wide. The local independent assemblies associated with the Churches of God Outreach Ministries (CGOM) are looking for as many ways as possible to accomplish this work.

Here are some ideas in use by some of the associated fellowships. Readers are invited to share their ideas, if not through The Journal, then to the or

The Wichita, Kan., assembly is pastored by Bill Fowler, chairman of the CGOM liaison committee, which promotes cooperation among the branches of the Church of God. Here's his report:

"The Wichita Church of God Seventh Day believes in and supports all efforts in reaching out to our local areas by using the gifts and talents of all the brethren of like mind, wherever they are, in whatever 'organization' they attend. We believe there is but one 'Church of God' and that it consists of those that have been called to repentance and who have received the Holy Spirit.

"We use articles, booklets, tapes, videotapes and other information from many other Sabbath-observing churches. We help sponsor the CEM radio program Born to Win on three radio stations in the state of Kansas. We contribute monthly to the Church of God International's TV program The Armor of God and run a 30-second tag at the end of the program to reach the local audience for further information and fellowship.

"During January the brethren distributed 100,000 fliers in Wichita offering two booklets, one on Revelation and the other Why Were You Born? [These fliers were prepared and printed by the CGOM.] We have started a monthly newsletter to follow up on the new inquiries we receive, providing more information about the blessings of God's way of life that includes His weekly and annual Sabbaths ...

"CGOM provides a free phone to contact us for requests for our monthly magazines, articles, tapes, locations of churches and general information as to the purpose and operation of the various local churches that associate together as the Churches of God Outreach Ministries. The toll-free number to call with requests is (800) 611-8080. If there is not an immediate personal response, callers are invited to leave a message and their request will be sent to the CGOM information center in Tulsa, Okla., or the call will be returned to personally discuss the request or question ...

"Please call the 1-800 number with your ideas and suggestions to promote positive interaction among the various Churches of God so we can all grow in sharing our beliefs and commitment to reaching out to others that can benefit from the biblical way of living and loving one another."

Also in mid-America, the assembly pastored by Bill Faith in Missouri is faithfully at work, both locally, nationally and even internationally. A major activity is financial support for the co-operative work of CGOM in support of its literature ministry: Fountain of Life and New Horizons magazines, booklets and the TODAY Sabbath-school guide. This material is distributed throughout the United States and Canada and also overseas. The brethren also support the Born to Win (with Ron Dart) radio program.

Internationally, they support a ministry in south India: an association of about 10 assemblies that observed the biblical festivals for the first time in 1998. Such practical support is also extended locally in St. Louis, where the brethren are involved in a bimonthly "sandwich ministry" for the homeless and the occasional food drive for food banks.

The London, England, fellowship (with host Mike Young) has distributed leaflets and publication catalogs close to members' homes.

An open day is planned for late May, when correspondents in southeast England will be invited to examine the beliefs and activities of the Churches of God UK (the name for the CGOM conference in the United Kingdom).

The North-West fellowship (pastored by Gerald Kirby) has sponsored pictorial and literature displays in libraries. Financial support has also been committed by the brethren and by other readers of CGOM publications for New Horizons, now mailed into 40 nations.

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