What's in issue No. 32, Sept. 19, 1999?

The Journal invites reports on the Feast of Tabernacles 1999.

A former Church of God pastor tells how he tried out for--and probably landed--a job as a radio-talk-show host.

A California court grants a judgment after a Living Church of God member sues the Global Church of God. After this article was written, and just before the deadline for this issue of The Journal, the Global Church of God entered into a voluntary "assignment for the benefit of creditors," similar to a declaration of bankruptcy. In effect, the Global Church of God no longer exists. See the print version of The Journal for details.

The United Church of God's council of elders discusses congregationalist tendencies, the new Ambassador Bible Center and the proper role of women in the church. (Should women have their own "retreats"?)

Early bylaws of the Radio Church of God directed that, when it came to disfellowshipping, congregations held the responsibility. See the print version of The Journal for details.

Letters to the editor include comments on United president Les McCullough's sermon on the fear of God and cafeteria Christianity; tithing; German-bashing; Laodiceanism; negativism; sin; "being easily led"; and Herbert W. Armstrong. For these and many more letters, please see the print version of The Journal.

On the "Columns and Commentary" page, Brian Knowles says one must learn how to think before one can sensibly write; Bruce Lyon comments on the popularity of "Star Wars" in religious circles and the once-saved-always-saved concept; Rory Ries wonders where all the Church of God children have gone; Dave Havir (citing Hans Christian Andersen) says some things you just can't see unless you're fit for the office; Melvin Rhodes files an on-the-spot report from Grimsby, England, about technology and isolation; and Luke Przeslawski says you shouldn't judge people who judge. See the print version of The Journal.

Gil Monrose, publisher of "In Him" newsletter, reports on a gathering of 1,800 Church of God brethren on the island of St. Lucia.

A Columbia, Mo., congregation reunites after 35 years.

Seventh Day Baptists, 673 strong, meet at a college in Michigan.

The UCG-AIA and the CEM resolve a conflict involving Feast-site facilities in Florida.

Seven Collins' book about the lost 10 tribes hits his publisher's best-seller list.

The UCG-AIA removes elder Garry Pifer from its general conference.

"Notes and Quotes" includes information about the death of Ambassador Report publisher John Trechak and the WCG's plan for orderly withdrawal from Pasadena.

In Connections, Darlene Warren writes about miracles in the first degree.

Also in Connections, Darlene's husband, John, reminisces about advice his father gave him.

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