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Ambassador Report publisher dies

PASADENA, Calif.--John Trechak, editor and publisher of Ambassador Report, died Sept. 2 of a heart attack while hospitalized.

Mr. Trechak, 52, had been in poor health for some time. A friend, Bruce Renehan, told The Journal Mr. Trechak suffered from a congenital heart problem.

Mr. Trechak, who attended Ambassador College, Bricket Wood, England, and graduated in 1970 from Ambassador College, Pasadena, published Ambassador Review, a four-color magazine criticizing the leadership of the Worldwide Church of God, in the late '70s. After that he published Ambassador Report, a newsletter that reported on the WCG and its splits. The most recent issue came out earlier this year.

For many years AR scrutinized and criticized the WCG and Ambassador College and, later, the groups that broke from the WCG, frequently assuming an ascerbic tone in its coverage of Church of God scandals and other news.

Among the readers of AR are Wes and Linda Hardy White of Carrollton, Texas. Mrs. White said that, in spite of "wild allegations" that Mr. Trechak was secretly a Jesuit, she and Mr. White "found him to be a normal guy who happened to care very deeply about truth. As Wes said, John had a tremendous impact on the beliefs of many people.

"We feel we gleaned a lot of information from John that wouldn't have otherwise been available."

The future of AR was not known at The Journal's press time. Its address is P.O. Box 60068, Pasadena, Calif. 91116, U.S.A.

History Research Projects begins discussion forum

SYDNEY, Australia--History Research Projects--publisher of Origins of Nations magazine, distributor of many books on the modern identities of the ancient nations listed in Genesis 10 and sponsor of seminars on historical and prophetic subjects--invites interested people to subscribe to a free E-mail discussion forum.

Visit and answer a few questions, said Origins publisher Craig White, a founder of the forum, and you can participate.

Newsletter marks first anniversary

MIDDLETOWN, Conn.--Northeastern Churches of God Newsletter, published by Rick and Eileen Beltz, marked its first anniversary with the September-October issue.

"The circulation has more than doubled, and the comments overall have been very positive," said Mr. Beltz.

The newsletter includes news about the Sabbatarian Churches of God in the U.S. Northeast and Bible-related articles. For more information, contact Rick Beltz at P.O. Box 674, Middletown, Conn. 06457, U.S.A.

WCG plans orderly withdrawal from Pasadena

PASADENA, Calif.--Worldwide Church of God pastor general Joseph Tkach Jr. discussed a preliminary relocation schedule with employees of the WCG at a meeting in the Ambassador Auditorium Aug. 4, according to the September issue of The Worldwide News, a member newsletter.

The church plans to lease space for a new headquarters within a 40-mile radius of here.

The church earlier announced plans to sell the 40-acre headquarters campus to a developer, Legacy Partners.

Dale Trow, WCGfacilities director, said the relocation will help ensure the headquarters complex "is vacated in an orderly manner and in a way that meets contractual obligations with the buyer and maximizes income from the sale of surplus building contents."

According to the article, buildings have been categorized to indicate when they need to be vacated. By mid-February the Science and Fine Arts Building, Grove Terrace, the campus gymnasium and natatorium and the former student center (currently called Fellowship Hall) need to be vacated.

In late spring or early summer, the article said, campus residences must be vacated, and corporate property must be removed from the administration building, legal office and Plain Truth Ministries offices.

Surplus property will be sold at auction at three sales in October 1999 and spring or early summer of 2000.

Building bridges

PHOENIX, Ariz.--Sept. 4 was the one-year anniversary of the Building Bridges fellowship in Phoenix. Bridges is a group of Christians who meet monthly to provide fellowship and learning opportunities for brethren in the area who may or may not be associated with a church.

"We have had 12 excellent and inspirational speakers and average between 75 and 100 people attending," said Paula Wik.

This month Brian and Lorraine Knowles of Arcadia, Calif., visited the group. Mr. Knowles spoke about the "Hebrew roots of the New Testament," said Mrs. Wik.

Next on the agenda is Leon Sexton of Rowlett, Texas, who with his wife, Gloria, plans to visit Oct. 16.

For information call Mrs. Wik at (480) 488-8625.

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