Church of God News Headlines
Know what's in the United Church of God 's documents? Test yourself
Connecticut Friends of Sabbath announces Oct. 31 conference.
Journal presents quiz, reprints United Church of God constitution and bylaws
United Church of God searching for new legal counsel
Feasters gathering in more than 120 places
Military school, others look at Ambassador University
 Journal Articles and Commentary
Publisher, in interview, tells state of The Journal
Journal's Editorial Cartoon
Terre Haute congregation announces funds to help United Church of God office relocate
Writer describes Samhain and origins of Halloween
How does popular holidays affect Feast and Sabbath-keepers?
Elder and wife offer Values Program for children
'Footsteps' seminar set for December in northeastern Oklahoma
Midwestern singles enjoy weekend away from it all
The Journal reprints entire constitution of United Church of God
The Journal reprints entire bylaws of United Church of God
New worldwide forum for singles starts on Internet
Global Church of God announces Feast of Tabernacles speakers
• Commentaries and Columns:
   Can Britain's reigning House of Windsor fall? by Melvin Rhodes
   What does the Bible say? by Dave Havir
   Is proclaiming the gospel on Sunday all right too? by Robert J. Thiel

Issue 8:   Letters to Editor

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