United Church of God searching for new legal counsel

By Mac Overton

BIG SANDY, Texas-Les McCullough of Big Sandy, who was recently appointed to fill a vacancy on the United Church of God's council of elders, is chairman of a search committee to find a new lawyer or firm of lawyers for the council and the general conference of elders.

Steve Andrews, who is also United Church of God treasurer, will continue as attorney for both the council of elders and the general conference until a replacement is found.

Mr. McCullough, a longtime member and elder in the Churches of God, said he "would have to get clarification from the council" on what Mr. Andrews' status is as far as serving that body, but "as far as I know, he's still counsel for the council" until the council of elders decides on a new attorney or law firm.

As of Sept. 23 Gary Antion, another member of the council of elders, had agreed to serve on the search committee with Mr. McCullough. Mr. McCullough said he had in mind adding two more council members to the committee, but he declined to name them until he talked with them.

Mr. McCullough said he and Mr. Antion have begun the information-gathering process.

Initially, he said, the attorney would be based in Los Angeles, but "we're also looking in Cincinnati, Ohio," to where the general conference of elders in March voted to move the United Church of God home office.

Mr. Andrews will continue as the United Church of God's treasurer.

When contacted by The Journal, Mr. Andrews verified that "as far as I know" everything Mr. McCullough said was accurate.

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