What's in issue No. 9, October 31, 1997?

  • Indian Sabbatarians prompt United visit. Elders David Hulme and Andre van Belkum visit Sabbath-keepers in India.

  • Institute says it's serious about Ambassador. A group that wants to set up a military institute on the former Big Sandy campus claims to be committed to following through with its plans.

  • The Journal begins 1997 Feast reports with this issue. We plan to continue them in November.

  • Bill Stough writes about the view of the Branson Feast site from the elders' camp.

  • Jamie Cartwright files her first-person account of a Colorado Springs Feast site.

  • The founder of Giving & Sharing, who is also the president of the Bible Sabbath Association, calls for an inter-Church of God conference for early 1998. In an interview in this issue of The Journal, Richard Nickels discusses Sabbath schools, living-room Churches of God and natural health solutions. Mr. Nickels is a walking, talking encyclopedia of church history. See the interview in the print version of The Journal.

  • Letters from our readers include comments from Ben Mauldin of the breakaway group in Waco and Richard Pinelli of United's ministerial services. Richard Tafoya responds to Geoff Neilson on the identity of the end-time Elijah.

  • Dave Havir's column asks how long it takes a person to change a deeply held conviction.

  • Melvin Rhodes' column states what Mr. Rhodes believes is the greatest threat to the Churches of God.

  • Gary Fakhoury's essay on grace, law and the covenants (the first of two parts) tackles legalism and lawlessness.

  • Roderick Meredith remembers longtime elder Sidney Hegvold, who died in September.

  • Surgery incapacitates Steve Collins, author of The Lost Ten Tribes: Found!

  • United Christian Ministries publishes its mission statement.

  • From "Notes and Quotes": A longtime elder in Norway dies at the Feast site on the last day of the Feast; Steve Nutzman announces a winter camp for youths for Dec. 28 through Jan. 1; Mike Kawasaki's singles' connection expands to the Internet; United's council of elders completes its Fundamentals of Belief project; and the date of the next United general conference of elders is set.

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