Surgery incapacitates Tribes author

By Mac Overton

Steve Collins, who wrote a groundbreaking book on the identity of modern Israel, The Lost Ten Tribes: Found!, has two other books in progress. However, their completion awaits his recuperation from surgery 15 months ago that left him virtually an invalid.

Mr. Collins said he was examined under anesthesia for kidney stones, and a surgeon took a biopsy because a spot looked "not threatening, but curious," Mr. Collins said.

Mr. Collins has suffered ever since the biopsy, he said.

Recovery from nerve damage can take two years, so he expects to be disabled until next July.

And, under South Dakota law, malpractice suits can't be filed until it's known how much a patient recovers from the malpractice. A patient can sue only for the amount of permanent damage.

Because of the pain he's in, it's difficult for Mr. Collins to sit at a keyboard for more than a half hour at a time, he said.

The writer's works in progress include a sequel to his first book, which he said will show where the 10 lost tribes will be and what they will be doing at the time of Christ's return, and a book on the pre-Flood world of Noah in which he will attempt to show by recent scientific evidence and other information that the world of Noah's day was technically advanced.

Mr. Collins said he interprets the scripture that talks about "as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be" in the end time literally. In other words, not only will immorality and lawlessness abound, but so will incredible technological achievement.

To order The Lost Ten Tribes: Found!, write Mr. Collins at 3901 Crescent Dr., Sioux Falls, S.D. 57106, or call him at (605) 361-5069 for information on price and shipping charges.

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