What's in issue No. 58, dated Nov. 30, 2001?

The Journal continues its reporting of news and views about military service and war in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 atrocities. Subscribe to the Journal to receive all the news, commentary and photos every month.

Steven Collins editorializes that good soldiers can be good Christians, and vice versa. Mr. Collins writes in defense of the views of Jeff Booth, reported in the Oct. 31 issue of The Journal. See the print version of The Journal for Mr. Collins' comments.

Steve Andrews landed in federal prison for his conscientious-objector beliefs in 1971. The young WCG member's sentence was cut short (two months rather than the five years) thanks to unexpected events involving a heavyweight boxing champion. For the amazing story, see the print version of The Journal.

Readers comment on Jeff Booth's sermon and interview regarding military service and war as reported in the October issue. Letters also include reader discussion of divorce and remarriage, unity, God's anointed, church areas, wet hornets, the identity of Amalek and the Bitter Man award.

In related news, world chess champion Bobby Fischer calls a radio station in the Philippines from his residence in Hungary and declares that America got what it deserved in the terrorist attacks. Mr. Fischer made the call to a talk show on Sept. 11 while watching live coverage of the dive-bombing and collapse of the World Trade Center towers. Read the report and about Mr. Fischer's WCG connection in the print version of The Journal.

More on divorce and remarriage: The Journal's fourth in a series of essays on D&R features Frank Nelte. Mr. Nelte discusses whether Jesus really changed anything in Matthew 5:32. See the print version of The Journal for Mr. Nelte's surprising conclusion.

Church of God members become fast friends on the Likeminds Internet forum. A small group of Likeminds members, together at the Feast in Florida, discusses coercive hierarchies, mister and friendship. See the print version of The Journal.

An East Texas women's conference plans to build on the example of Linda White's conferences in Dallas the past two years.

Ohio-based Legacy Institute promotes evangelism and fellowship among the brethren in Myanmar and Thailand. David Roe visits Southeast Asia and reports for The Journal.

The Church of God Outreach Ministries is happy with response to its recent quarter-page ad in "USA Today." CGOM leaders discuss terrorism and who's to blame. See the print version of The Journal.

An elder leaves the Denver conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) charging "heresy." The elder denounces the church "for teaching that the law and the Sabbath continue as part of the New Testament," reports another CG7 member, Alan Knight. For Mr. Knight's analysis, see the print version of The Journal.

Editorialists write about the 12 things cancer cannot do (Janet Treadway), Hanukkah as a Christian celebration (Tim Kelley), hope for Sabbatarian Christianity (Ryan Stough), apostolic succession or the lack of it (Dave Havir) and recent public pronouncements by Bill Clinton (Brian Knowles). For these commentaries and more, see the print version of The Journal.

The Journal continues its Feast reports. Write-ups in this issue come from Albury, Australia; Berwick, Australia; Big Sandy, Texas; Corpus Christi, Texas; Gettysburg, Pa.; Kendal, England; Lake Tahoe, Calif.; Niceville, Fla.; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Paignton, England; Panama City Beach, Fla.; Pocahontas, Ark.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Saubadia, Italy; Sevierville, Tenn.; Stradbroke Island, Australia; and Treasure Island, Fla.

A Rotary Club in Big Sandy names a Church of God member as its distinguished citizen of the year.

A judge denies the WCG a summary-judgment ruling against the Philadelphia Church of God in the continuing saga of who has the right to publish and distribute the works of WCG founder Herbert W. Armstrong, who died in 1986.

A Church of God congregation spotlights children on two recent Sabbaths.

Garner Ted Armstrong comments on the "breath of Life," the "spirit in man" and abortions in a recent sermon. See the print version of The Journal.

In "Notes and Quotes," Ambassador alumni plan a reunion of students and faculty members in January in Nashville; two Church of God ministries comment on the ubiquitous Harry Potter; and a longtime WCG elder dies.

In Connections, Darlene speculates what would have happened had she set out on paths toward certain elite and prestigious careers.

Connections runs classified ads (including prayer requests).

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