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If there are any Sabbath keeping women who might be interested in moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a vacation or just to experience a change in lifestyle, I am offering a lovely bedroom and bath in my home. My name is Joann Bacheller. I have been in God's Church for over 35 years. I am now living alone in a very lovely home within a gated, secure community in the North East Heights area of Albuquerque, New Mexico and would enjoy welcoming a new friend to share this home with me. If she would be willing to pay some rent or just share expenses that would be appreciated. Please contact me at (505) 298-2977; or fax me at (505) 298-3053; or write to me at 11512 Woodmar Lane N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87111; or e-mail me at

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Journal writer Bill Stough is seeking a volunteer to help him transcribe taped interviews, usually one per month. May be typed on a computer and E-mailed back to him or mailed on a disk. To help out, contact Bill by phone at (636) 583-4838; E-mail Or write Tower Electronics, 208 S. Church St., Union, MO 63084, U.S.A.

Family of nine, glad to accept excess 2nd and 3rd tithe, two disabled, including Father. Designate as "gift." Seven children, mostly small. Write: Wanda Croyle, 355 Poplar St., Petersburg, VA 23803.

Prayer requests

Cowell, Gloria, 401 Lakewood St., Blythville, AR 72315, experiencing difficulty in recovering from heart surgery.

Defalco, Joseph, recovering from operation to repair shattered bones in heel, after having fallen from a ladder. Unable to work for at least six months.

Goff, Bobby and Glen, 5200 S. "U" No. 77, Fort Smith, AR; Bobby has no kidneys and is on dialysis 3 days a week; her husband, Glen, suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Hubbard, Caroline, Centreville, AL, suffering from serious leg infection. One leg already amputated, may be necessary to amputate other leg to stop infection.

Tabor, Betty, c/o Darwin and Laura Lee, PO Box 2333, Bismarck, ND 58502, suffering from post-polio effects in which her nerve endings are being affected. Surgery pending.

Trent, Ken, 55, advanced lung cancer and several brain tumors.

Troyer, Colleen, Grand Rapids, MI, suffering from cancer.

Milholland, Julius, 1005 W. Tracy, Springfield, MO 65807, suffering from leukemia and heart problems.

Nicolay, David, c/o Darwin and Laura Lee, PO Box 2333, Bismarck, ND 58502, cancer surgery recuperation, now cancer found in brain area.

Noe, John, 56, terminal cancer, weak bones due to chemotherapy and radiation.

O'Driscoll, Danny, 15, tumor on brain stem. Sixth month scan showed no growth of tumor.

Sellers, Cristi, 40, 1834 Sheppard Rees, Kerrville, TX 78028 (daughter of Albert and Berniece Smalley), diagnosed with leukemia.

Stamper, Sam, experiencing double vision, cause unknown.

Stapleton, Brenda, Guelpa, Ont., Canada, clear of cancer for four years. Now suffering from osteoarthritis and lupus.

Bates, Laurie, pregnant, high blood pressure.

Bockemehl, Peggy, RR 5, Box 481, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, cancer.

Boles, Martin, c/o Jean Boles, 1342 SW 8th St., Cooper, TX 75432, cancer of the throat and other complications.

Clevenger, William T. (brother of Jerry), hospitalized for cirrhosis of the liver.

Currie, Jane, Redbridge, Ont., Canada, fibromyalgia.

Derrick, Jewel, PO Box 426, Reserve, NM 87830 (sister of Josephine Skaggs), severe arthritis.

Emerson, Annette, Springfield, MA, ulcer on leg, recuperating from fall.

Evans, Mary E., 6922 Oakfield Dr., Toledo, OH 43615; email:, possible cancer, awaiting bone scan.

Gober, Sharon, 1357 CR 456, Piggot, AR 72454, acute myelogenous leukemia.

Gotman, Nick (Carl), Mississauga, Canada, recovering from brain tumor surgery.

Griffiths, Richard, 74, bad infection.

Hamlett, Linda (police officer for the Broward County Sheriff's Dept.), Palm Beach, Fla., heart attack.

Hohertz, Mark, 5, kidney stones, surgery recovery.

Hufton, Barbara, 14 Watford Close, North Epping, NSW, 2121, Australia, open lung operation scheduled.

Isham, Robert, Commerce, TX, recurring cancer, surgery planned.

Jones, Mickey, Kent, Washington, blood clot in elbow.

Jerry (uncle of Cathy Folker), heart and back problems.

Kirschabaum, Louis, Lebanon, PA, cancer in back, undergoing tests.

Kloss, Gerald, heart problems delaying double hernia surgery.

Maynard, John R., 3809 Douglas St., Garland, TX 75041, prostate cancer and low blood pressure.

Micallef, Jean, Georgetown, Ont., Canada, diabetes.

Micallef, Jo, Georgetown, Ont., Canada, liver problems.

Norman, Suzy, 3201 Sweetbriar, Ft. Worth, TX 76109, melanoma of the brain, liver, and lymph system.

Phillips, Thea, Vancouver, BC, Canada, breast cancer surgery recovery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Rich, Keisha (Parnell), 23, 16 Sandstone Rd., Eldon, MO 65026, Anaplastic T-Cell Lymphoma.

Savannah, Joyce E., 1717 S. 281st Pl No. 57, Federal Way, WA 98003, recovering from blood poisoning, also suffering with intestinal and gum infection.

Sherman, Jake, Austin, TX, fibromyalgia.

Sherman, Wendy, Austin, TX, recovering from back surgery.

Skidmore, John-Barry, California, stroke in cerebellum, recuperating at home.

Stevens, Airman-Justice Oliver (son of Mike and Diane Stevens, 801 E. Calhoun, Rice, TX 75155), serving in Mideast with Special Forces.

Ted, brother in Christ, blood clot.

Thomas, Kellie, Shreveport, LA area, recovering from surgery to remove blood clots from breasts.

Tollefson, Florence, Washington state, eye problems.

Tucker, Sammy, 6 months (son of David, 11 Wellesley Dr., Milford, NH 03055), recuperating from successful open heart surgery.

Vertz, Ginger, Boston, Mass. area, chemotherapy successful, but now suffering from blood clots.

Volk, Heather, c/o Darwin and Laura Lee, PO Box 2333, Bismarck, ND 58502, recovering from orthoscopic surgery on hip area.

Wade, Delores, Toronto, Ont., Canada, serious health problems.


Nelly Bolzern of Anchorage, Alaska, died unexpectedly during the days leading up to Sept. 11. She is survived by her three sons, Mark, Ron, and Chris; and by her daughters-in-law, Virginia and Noelle; and by her granddaughters, Lindy and Jaime. She was preceded in death by her husband, Alfred, in 1973. Funeral services were conducted by Richard Eckman. Mrs. Bolzern attended the United Church of God. Thanks to all who came to the services, to Mr. and Mrs. Eckman, and to all the church groups in Alaska for their loving support.

Buster Insall of Leesburg, Texas, passed away Nov. 25 from lung cancer. Cards may be sent to: 2021 CR 2515, Leesburg, TX 74551.

Bob Seal of Viroqua, Wisconsin, died Nov. 25. His wife, Eva, would appreciate cards, letters and phone calls. They may be addressed to the nursing home where they were living: Eva Seal, c/o Maplewood Terrace, 620 Garfield St., No. 209, Viroqua, WI 54665. The phone number to her room is 608-637-6185.

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