What's in issue No. 46, Nov. 30, 2000?

The Journal continues its reader Feast reports. You still have time to get in your report--if you hurry. Many major Feast sites have not yet reported. The Journal plans to wrap up reader Feast coverage in the December issue, and you do not have to be a member of a particular group to report on that group's Feast site. See the Sept. 30, 2000, issue for report guidelines.

A court of appeals in California denies the Philadelphia Church of God's petition for the court to reconsider a ruling favorable to the Worldwide Church of God involving Herbert W. Armstrong's book "Mystery of the Ages." An attorney and observer from afar thinks a hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court is unlikely. See the print version of The Journal.

The council of the elders of the United Church of God confers by telephone about a proposed amendment to the church's statement of belief on tithing and talks about buying or building a new home-office facility. See the print version of The Journal for details.

Christian Educational Ministries (Ron Dart) and Barnabas Ministries (Alan Ruth) collaborate to build an "Internetwork" to broadcast CEM's "Born to Win" radio program.

Did you eat out at Johnny Cace's in Longview during the Feast in Big Sandy? The proprietor of the popular East Texas restaurant frequented for decades by Church of God people during the Feast of Tabernacles dies Nov. 21.

Letters include the report of secret Feast meetings of blacks in the old WCG; a poignant poem about Santa; an allegation related to the alleged error of Church of God statists; more--pro and con--on military service and war; and an invitation from a frontier evangelist.

Editorials for the November 2000 issue include William Allen Walker penning an open letter to two Churches of God whose "task forces" meet frequently to purposes of reconciliation and cooperation; Dave Havir explaining what it means for Jesus to have the preeminence; Eric Snow wondering WWJD about the U.S. presidential election; and James Steinle counseling readers on how to make it difficult for Jesus to say He never knew you.

Richard Nickels writes about homosexuality in the Nazi Party and its far-reaching implications. See the print version of The Journal.

Paul Wong, a member of the True Jesus Church, says Sabbatarian members of "house churches" meet clandestinely by the hundreds of thousands throughout China. See the print version of The Journal.

Legacy Institute seeks two youthful volunteers to serve in Myanmar, the former Burma.

A barn party in Wisconsin promises to showcase more than just polkas. There's still time to make plans to attend.

"Notes and Quotes" for November 2000 reports on covenants and a new hymnal, a CLA campaign in Northeast Texas and the 30th anniversary of a Church of God congregation in Brooklyn, N.Y.

In Connections, Darlene Warren reports on muilticulturalism's inevitable collision with sacred names. See the print version of The Journal.

Read the latest prayer requests and obituaries in our classified section.

John Warren , in Connections, writes about "beaucoup memories of Vietnam."

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