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Blankets for the cold

BANGKOK, Thailand--Legacy Institute, founded by Leon and Gloria Sexton, is soliciting blankets and warm clothing for Karen and Karenni refugees.

About 150,000 refugees live in camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. "If you have any used clothing or blankets you would like to donate, please contact us," Mr. Sexton said.

Write Liz McAlister, 10712 Mount Gleason Ave., Tujunga, Calif. 91042, U.S.A. Or E-mail Mr. Sexton at

Donations (tax-deductible in the United States) can be sent to Legacy Institute, P.O. Box 7, Dundee, Ohio 44624, U.S.A.

Visit Legacy on the Web at

Fourth cassette on covenants

WHITEHOUSE, Texas--Ron Dart, founder and director of Christian Educational Ministries, recently released his fourth audiotaped lesson about the covenants of the Bible. It's available free, as are the others in the series, from CEM.

"My objective in this series is not so much to give you the last word on biblical covenants as it is to help you educate yourself on the subject so you can better evaluate some of the theological arguments--and there are plenty of those," said the longtime Church of God evangelist in a letter to supporters.

Request "The Book of the Covenant" from CEM at P.O. Box 560, Whitehouse, Texas 75791, U.S.A., or, or call (903) 509-2999.

CEM plans new hymnal

WHITEHOUSE, Texas--Christian Educational Ministries has announced plans to publish a new hymnal.

CEM founder Ron Dart said Nov. 15 that "we spent last weekend working on the beginnings of a new revision of our popular hymnal. We are planning on dropping a lot of hymns that are rarely sung and adding some new ones, including some very popular modern works."

He expects the new book to top out at 200 hardbound pages of words and music. For more information write CEM at the above address.

Hold the phone

GILLETTE, Wyo.--For the past year the Giving & Sharing ministry, operated by Richard Nickels and family, has sponsored a Sabbath service via telephone the third Saturday of each month.

"We use Ken Westby's conference line, (918) 222-7158," said Mr. Nickels. "When you hear a recording, press 0566 and the pound key [#] to join the conference call."

The service starts at 11 a.m. central time each Sabbath.

Speakers for the next few months are as follows: Victor Kubik, Dec. 16; Randy Schafer, Jan. 20; Steve Kieler, Feb. 17; Wayne Holmes, March 17; and Dan White, April 21.

Contact Giving & Sharing for more information. Phone (307) 686-5191, write 3316 Alberta Dr., Gillette, Wyo. 82718, U.S.A., or visit Giving & Sharing on the Web at

Church marks 30th anniversary

BROOKLYN, N.Y.--Mount Zion Church of God 7th Day invites the brethren to attend and participate in celebrating its 30th anniversary and family reunion Dec. 22-24. Gilford Monrose is the anniversary coordinator. For more information write him at 203 E. 37th St., Brooklyn, N.Y., 11203, or call (718) 324-2030.

North Dakota fellowship announces service times

BISMARCK, N.D.--The Interdependent Church of God has announced times of services for December. They will happen at the home of Darwin and Laura Lee, 320 N. Griffin St., Bismarck, or call (701) 258-7172 for information.

UCG announces Feast sites

MILFORD, Ohio--The United Church of God has announced changes in its U.S. Feast-site lineup, effective in 2001.

According to the UCG's home office, Breckenridge, Colo., will replace Estes Park, Colo., and Gatlinburg, Tenn., will replace Louisville, Ky.

Christian Leadership Academy in Northeast Texas

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.--The latest campaign sponsored by the Christian Leadership Academy and aimed at the public is coming to Mount Pleasant, Texas, Dec. 15-16.

Speakers will be three Texans, Ron Dart of Whitehouse, Don Walls of Gladewater and Billy Stefek of Killeen, and one Arkansan, Luther Waller of Warren.

The campaign will take place in the Titus County Extension Building, at 1708 Industrial Dr. It will commence at 7 p.m. Friday with special music. Then Alfred Harrell, CLA founder, will speak about the Ten Commandments in general.

Then, on Saturday, the next three presenters will begin at 1 p.m. and speak until about 4. Mr. Dart will address the audience at 7 p.m. Saturday about the "forgotten commandment."

For more information write CLA spokesman Tim Hall at

Texas teen party

BIG SANDY, Texas--The Church of God Big Sandy invites teens and young adults (to age 25) to a weekend of activities Jan. 13-14 including a "costume dance." Participants are asked to "avoid inappropriate costumes" such as ghosts, goblins or witches and "immodest" attire.

Contact Joanne Woodring at or (903) 839-3139 for more information.

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