What's in issue No. 52, May 31, 2001?

The CGI's headquarters property sells to Schambach Revivals.

A court allows the PCG more time in its legal wrangle with the WCG.

A book cover ignites criticism from present and former WCG members.

Conference focuses on urgency; council answers questions about president's term.

New UCG council member pushes servant leadership.

Michigan pastor explains why Ghanaians want to join the UCG.

Our readers send us letters.

In editorials, Living Church of God member Robert Thiel critiques United Church of God doctrines and practices; John Havir asks if preaching the gospel is your church's method (or is it your mission?); Dave Havir says the church-eras doctrine can blur the brethren's vision; and Lenny Cacchio says Jesus explained what to do about tares.

The Jamaica CGI reports on the spring feast and a new building.

A Church of God lady decoded Japanese messages just before Pearl Harbor.

A Tulsa church decides to ordain a 'pastor' rather than a 'minister' or 'elder.'

The Journal lists Feast sites for 2001.

Read "Notes and Quotes" for news of specific Feast of Tabernacles sites and more in the print version of the Journal.

In Connections, Darlene Warren writes about Booth City and the Berlin Wall.

Connections runs classified ads

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