What's in Issue No. 5, June 27, 1997?

  • Representatives of the newly named Churches of God Outreach Ministries, an international association of congregations of the Churches of God, meet and tell The Journal about themselves and what they plan to do.

  • The Journal interviews five of the leaders of the COGOM during the conference.

  • Tom Justus, pastor of an independent congregation in Arkansas, tells why he boycotted the COGOM conference.

  • Going on vacation this summer? Here's a list of 100 independent congregations to visit.

  • The Church of God International baptizes 14 people in Jamaica . Fewer than 100 people at the spring feast give a $50,000 offering!

  • Global reports its membership is up 7 percent and coworkers up 317 percent.

  • The Journal interviews Roderick Meredith of the Global Church of God.

  • It's official: The former Geneva, Ohio, congregation of the Worldwide Church of God is officially a congregation of the Christian Church in Ohio (Disciples of Christ). The Journal interviews Pastor Bill Meyer.

  • Letters to the editors includes still more comments on Lee Lisman's article in the April 30 issue. Also, a writer from South Africa critiques Promise Keepers. Also, an anoymous elder's wife defends the ministry. Also, Gwen La Ravia writes an open letter to The Associated Press, prompted by the AP release about the WCG and its offshoots widely published June 14.

  • Melvin Rhodes, in his regular column, asks: Why are some afraid of Friends of the Sabbath?

  • Dave Havir, in his regular column, cites the lessons of Gideon's army. He thinks some people are getting the analogy wrong.

  • The Australian director of Friends of the Sabbath would like Sabbatarians to just get along. Craig White gives some concrete suggestions on congregations and the larger groups cooperating. (What a novel idea.)

  • A CGI elder from Jamaica, Ian Boyne, argues that central authority has a Bible basis.

  • In a wide-ranging review of Samuele Bacchiocchi's two recent books on the festivals, Richard Nickels says the books have major problems, even though Dr. Bacchiocchi gets some things right. He also gives his opinion on whether Dr. B. is a Jesuit.

  • Want more information on COGOM? Click here.

  • COGOM Feast of Tabernacles information.

  • New Zealand Journal distributor Bruce Porteous reports on the WCG in his country.

  • Camp Champions , on Lake LBJ near Austin, Texas, is expanding its plans for August. Invited to camp: Your whole family.

  • The Journal reports on the situation in the United congregation in Minneapolis. Members Tony and Elizabeth Stith asked The Journal to publish a letter they wrote to the pastor. (It's part of the article.)

  • The CEM's Christian Renewal Conference passes its first anniversary: a report by Alan Ruth.

  • Remember Brian Knowles? The former WCG pastor and headquarters official advises on how to find the balance when it comes to things religious.

  • Problems surface with United's television-pilot program. The Journal reports on the program after reviewing a transcript of the pilot.

  • Writer Scarlett Stough from Missouri frankly recommends that we recognize churches by their fruits.

  • David Antion asserts that Christians can be too wishy-washy.

  • Dan White, a former WCG pastor, asks: Could the Church of God be materliastic? Can there ever be too much Ambassador quality? You won't want to miss this article.

  • Roy Marrs, the editor of the Church of God (Seventh Day)'s flagship magazine, The Bible Advocate, asks: Is observance of the Sabbath required for salvation?

  • A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision could mean more government interference in religion.

  • The moderator of the Likeminds forum talks about the real work of God. Just what do you mean "the work"?

  • Sasha Veljic files a report from Belgrade. He combines news reports with his comments. The Journal hopes to hear more from Mr. Veljic.

  • For sale: one used university . If you're in the market, here's who and where to call.

  • United attendance down, but Reader's Digest ads doing well.

  • Notes and Quotes: Michael Kawasaki's singles' connection; Dr. Bacchiocchi publishes a book on his Web site; since the WCG has split, should you make a new will?; the IBLC is relocating (details in a future issue); Dallas church does Sunday; Les McCullough to join the United council of elders.

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