Singles' connection

BIGGS, Calif.-A Church of God member operates a service to help Sabbath singles find each other. Michael Kawasaki runs Sabbath Singles Connection, a service "to help people make new friends and help them select a suitable mate."

The Sabbath Singles Connection "is specifically designed for the single Sabbath-keeper," he said.

Subscriptions are open to "sincere" Sabbatarians who are single and 18 or older. Prison inmates, says Mr. Kawasaki, are not accepted for membership.

The membership fee is $14 for U.S. subscribers, $16 for Canadians and Mexicans and $18 for singles from other countries (all in U.S. funds).

For more information, write Mr. Kawasaki at SSC, 3229 Larkin Rd., Biggs, Calif. 95917.

Dr. Bacchiocchi posts books on Web site

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich.-Samuele Bacchiocchi has posted selections from his 12 books about the Sabbath and other Christian beliefs and practices on his new Web site, which he developed with the help of a student at Andrews University.

In all, the Web site provides free access to about 2,000 pages from the books.

"It is my fervent hope that many more people can now benefit from my research into timely biblical truths," Dr. Bacchiocchi said. "Feel free to look at my Web page and tell me how we can improve it."

The information is at Dr. Bacchiocchi, a professor of theology and church history who is an expert on the change from Sabbath to Sunday worship in the early church, receives E-mail at

Reconsider your wills

Church members who designated all or part of their estates to go to the Worldwide Church of God in a will made years ago might consider reviewing and updating their wills to make sure their money goes where they want it to go, according to Bob Jent, who posted a message about it on the Internet.

"Recently, circumstances surfaced which caused my wife and me to consider our wills," Mr. Jent wrote. "No, we are not terminal. However, in reviewing our wills of several years ago, we discovered that we had designated 10 percent of our estate to the Worldwide Church of God. Not a whole lot of money but 100 percent more than what we now want to go to that church."

IBLC relocating

LOS ANGELES, Calif.-The International Bible Learning Center (IBLC), which was based in Big Sandy and Hawkins, Texas, during its first year, is in the process of relocating to the Los Angeles area.

The IBLC's first president, former Ambassador University president Don Ward, is leaving the IBLC at the end of June to start his own nonprofit educational service.

A report on changes in the IBLC is planned for a future issue of THE JOURNAL.

Dallas switches to Sunday

DALLAS, Texas-Beginning with Pentecost services Sunday, June 15, the Worldwide Church of God Dallas Central congregation began officially meeting on Sunday instead of Saturday.

The congregation, made up of the former WCG Dallas East and Dallas South churches, is reportedly the largest WCG congregation.

In a posting on the Internet, WCG "Pastor Jeff" Molnar said that the teaching of the WCG for two and one-half years has been that no day is superior to another to gather for worship.

"In fact," he said, "we should be worshiping and celebrating Jesus on all days, 365 days a year. He alone is our Sabbath rest, for in Him we find rest for our souls on all days."

Mr. Molnar said his congregation voted to make Sunday its main day of worship because of evangelism, to remove the potential Saturday barrier for new converts, and to encourage family attendance.

With so many parents actively involved with children's school activities, sports and recitals, attendance has suffered, Mr. Molnar said.

"The above-mentioned factors led us to begin talking about, and ultimately voting, to have a Sunday service," Mr. Molnar said. The vote, he said, was 350 for Sunday and 40 for Saturday.

"We no more find Sunday special any more than Wednesday," said the pastor. "It is simply convenient for us here."

Les McCullough to join council

BIG SANDY, Texas-Les McCullough, who is living in retirement after serving for many years as an evangelist in the Worldwide Church of God and more recently as an elder in the United Church of God, will soon join the UCG's council of elders.

The announcement of Mr. McCullough's new duties came after another council member, Doug Horchak of Denver, Colo., announced he will soon resign for personal reasons.

Mr. McCullough told THE JOURNAL he has "no idea at all" what it will be like to serve on the council. "I honestly don't know. I'm the new kid on the block. I expect that I will be working more directly on the finance committee, to which I've been an adviser. Sorry I can't be more enlightening."

Mr. McCullough was in line to serve on the council by virtue of the number of votes he received during balloting in December 1995 at the general conference of elders in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The former Ambassador College deputy chancellor will join Donald Ward as the only other council member who is not also a UCG employee.

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