What's in issue No. 6, July 31, 1997

  • The Church of God (Seventh Day) conducts its biennial general conference in Knoxville July 7-12 with the theme "Let the Whole World Know." John Merritt, one of the founders of the IBLC, was there and tells The Journal about it.

  • The IBLC heads to California from its Texas offices. Rachel Kaplan takes over as office manager.

  • David Hulme goes Global . The president of the United Church of God attends the opening of the reconstructed Globe Theatre in London. The Journal publishes excerpts of a sermon he delivered in Basinstoke, England, talking about his involvement with the backers of the Globe Theatre all the way back to the Ambassador Foundation.

  • The Waco, Texas, United congregation asks its pastor to stay on for free (after he decided not to accept a transfer to El Paso), but HQ says no thanks. The congregation voted July 19 to offer pastor Mark Gully a nonpaying job as pastor in lieu of Mr. Gully's announced resignation. Mr. Gully accepted the congregation's offer, but Arcadia decided that would not be a good idea.

  • The Journal interviews Mr. Gully's wife, Jill, about the events leading up to the Waco vote to offer her husband a nonpaying job as pastor. She gives a detailed interview on her view of the situation.

  • Letter from our readers , as usual, is a lively place to visit. You might have seen the article in the June issue about the split in the Minneapolis UCG and the letter from Tony Stith to his pastor. In a follow-up, Mr. Stith's mother writes The Journal, and her letter is included here. Tim Lindholm, a member of the new Minneapolis group, also writes. Also included is a letter from elder Don Hooser commenting on Lee Lisman's article of a few issues back, and two letters give widely divergent views on Easter. There's much more as well.

  • Did you remember to hug your pastor today? See Melvin Rhodes' regular column.

  • How important is a religious title? Read Dave Havir's regular column.

  • Don Ward reveals details of plans for his new CBE.

  • The founder of Center for Bible Education, Don Ward, invites inquiries.

  • Brian Knowles tells why he likes to write for Ken Westby's Associates for Christian Development.

  • Imperial School kids get together for a reunion 30 years later . The print version also has pictures.

  • "How did you come into the church?" question seems passe, an article by Bernie Monsalvo.

  • At Pinecrest, campers learn all about zone defense . No, this has nothing to do with basketball. The print version also contains pictures.
  • Are we where we should be? First-time Journal contributor Rick Sherrod says if God builds a church people will come.

  • Gary Fakhoury tackles the Trinity. This is his first article on the subject for The Journal. Mr. Fakhoury even questions the use of the last part of Matthew 28:19 in the baptism ceremony.

  • Psychologist sets seminars for the stay-at-home (not to be confused with the living-room) Church of God . A church-member and professional counselor who has dealt with people who have suffered profound loss wants to meet brethren who are not attending anywhere.

  • Grand Junction members sponsor interchurch picnic.

  • Members provide Feast of Tabernacles greeting cards. The print version shows a sample. You probably won't find any Hallmark cards with a Feast of Tabernacles theme.

  • Elder Ron Smith invites visitors to the new group he meets with in South Florida . He's the former UCG pastor of Miami and West Palm Beach.
  • Elder Ron Smith travels to Minnesota to meet the new Minneapolis group after reading about it in the June issue of The Journal.

  • Sabbath Campers Fellowship says roughing it helps campers learn to ignore labels.

  • Jamaican CGI tells public about Sabbath and festivals. Jamaica continues as a growth area for the CGI.

  • Little Rock WCG boosts attendance. Read the print version to find out how.

  • Convert to Sabbath-keeping reveals Jewish connection. Australian Luana Fabry was a Catholic, then a Pentecostal. She is now a part of a substantial group of Australian Protestants who have discovered the biblical festivals including the weekly Sabbath.

  • Writer Brian Knowles will always be in debt to these 11 mentors. Read this article to see some familiar names from the past.

  • Undecided where to go for the Feast? Here are 108 possibilities.

  • The view from Lonedell : How can we achieve unity? The print version includes a picture of the vine Bill Stough mentions in his article.

  • Essay: Just like Paul said, the man is the head of the wife, by Likeminds' and the IBLC's Rick Stanczak.

  • Global announces nine ministerial transfers.

  • Ron Dart's Christian Educational Ministries announces its new Web site and several new radio outlets.

  • An Australian member of the WCG is murdered , and her husband is charged by police in her death.

  • Corner publisher Jim Rector undergoes major surgery.

  • United announces summer transfers.

  • Notes and quotes: Two long-time church members, Lawson Briggs and Elise Herrmann die; Ben Chapman of the CGI will soon visit Australia; the WCG has job openings for church pastors; plans for an "Ambassador Center" at Azusa Pacific are announced; and quite a bit more.

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