Psychologist sets seminars for stay-at-home brethren

HILLSBORO, Mo.-A lecture and seminar for members of the stay-at-home Church of God on "life changes and transitions," "the healing process" and "trusting again" is planned for Aug. 3 by an institutional psychologist and church member at the Ramada Inn at Six Flags in Eureka, Mo.

T HE JOURNAL didn't hear about the presentation early enough to include this article in last month's issue, so few will be able to attend as a result of reading this article.

But the psychologist, Rory Ries, a member of the United Church of God, plans other lectures in the series.

"There is no cost, and everyone is welcome to attend the lectures," he said. "I am interested in the individuals who have decided to stay at home instead of attending services. I hope to offer and share some insight into what so many of us have gone through over the past several years."

Mr. Ries admits he's trying to persuade brethren not to stay at home on the Sabbath.

"That's my goal," he said, "to talk people out of staying at home. God talks about not forsaking the assembling together, and we need each other's support and exhortation. You can't get that by staying at home."

Although the lectures are especially for members of the stay-at-home Church of God, anyone is welcome to attend, said Mr. Ries, who sent a flier out to several Church of God congregations in Missouri and Illinois.

"Please announce and present the enclosed flier during announcements, and hopefully someone will know someone sitting at home who would like to attend," he wrote.

But the only church Mr. Ries is aware of that is announcing the meetings is the Church of God Sabbatarian (an independent congregation associated with Churches of God Outreach Ministries), which meets at 11155 Clayton Rd. in Frontenac, a St. Louis suburb.

Mr. Ries does know of several people who plan to attend his seminar who have learned about the lectures by word of mouth.

Since he is a member of the United Church of God, does that mean he will encourage the stay-at-home brethren to begin attending United services?

"Oh, no, not necessarily," said Mr. Ries. "I hope to encourage them to attend with the Body of Christ, and the Body of Christ is scattered right now."

Mr. Ries has worked with victims of crime and abuse and others who have suffered loss.

"I have counseled individuals who have gone through change and transition in their lives. My dilemma is getting in touch with so many brethren who have decided to sit at home."

Mr. Ries hopes to conduct at least one more lecture before the Feast of Tabernacles this year.

For more information write Mr. Ries at 4069 Jarvis Rd., Hillsboro, Mo. 63050, or call him at (314) 789-5727.

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