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Poem For Gerald (Jerry) Miller
(Posted March 20, 2005)

The following poem, composed by Living Church of God member Joe Ross and United Church of God, IA member Dave Campbell, was read during the funeral of Gerald (Jerry) Miller on March 19, 2005.   Mr. Miller was killed protecting another church member from the hail of bullets fired into the Living Church of God Sabbath services held on March 12th.

Poem For Gerald (Jerry) Miller

A man of bravery
in face of danger;
This kind of man
who helps a stranger.

We saw in him
during someone's blindness;
A man of stature
of courage and kindness.

A gallant gesture
to save another;
Greater love
you showed our brother.

In one last act
of noble spirit;
You gave your life
and did not fear it.

As we reflect now
profoundly sorry;
Yet, know this awaits you
a crown of glory.


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