What's in issue No. 82, dated Nov. 28, 2003?

Buck Hammer, the donor in 1953 of the original plot of land that became the core of the Ambassador College, Big Sandy, campus, died Nov. 15 in a Longview, Texas, hospital.

In columns and commentary, Vance Freeman honors his grandfather, E.B. Vance, another Church of God old-timer. Mr. Vance also died on Nov. 15.

Still another Church of God old-timer, David Jon Hill, died, on Nov. 24. Mr. Hill in last month's issue of The Journal had begun what was planned to be a four-part historical and autobiographical series of articles.

Still another Church of God old-timer, Warren Heaton III, died recently. See the report on Mr. Heaton's passing, on Oct. 28, along with other news items, in "Notes and Quotes."

Journal columnist Brian Knowles pays tribute to his friend David Jon Hill.

Bill Glover, commenting on a previous report in The Journal, makes "suggestions" for Church of God ministries. See the print version of The Journal.

Dave Havir asks: What was the sin of the fallen angels? See the print version of The Journal.

Brian Knowles advises Christians to learn to ferret out the truth. See the print version of The Journal.

The Journal invites reports on Feast of Tabernacles observances.

For the second issue, The Journal publishes reader reports of their Feast of Tabernacles observances for 2003.

A Seventh-day Adventist writer says the doctrine of inerrancy is a problem for Christians. Samuele Bacchiocchi, who believes the Scriptures are "infallible," maintains that the teaching of "inerrancy" leads to serious problems in studying and understanding the Bible. See the print version of The Journal for this important essay.

The Bible Sabbath Association's board meets in Oklahoma.

Journal readers write letters.

A young Church of God member teaching at a new school in Thailand files a report.

In an essay, Robert Thiel critiques the United Church of God's new policy on the Last Great Day. See the print version of The Journal.

A Church of God member in Washington state recommends Doug's Quality Meats.

Kenneth Westby's Association for Christian Development invites binitarian David Antion to speak at his next One God Seminars, which feature presenters who are mostly "unitarians," and Mr. Antion accepts.

In her column, Darlene gets serious--mostly serious, anyway. She asks: Are we living in the end time?

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