COG member says her son will ship quality meats far and wide

By Dixon Cartwright

A Church of God member from Olympia, Wash., thinks COG members far and wide could benefit from knowing about a meat-supply company in Kent, 60 miles from Olympia.

Dolores Chiechi, who was baptized in 1967 (thus becoming a Radio Church of God member), highly recommends Doug's Quality Meats because the proprietor not only sells locally but will ship his smoked-salmon jerky, summer sausage and beef-brisket bacon anywhere in America.

Of course, Mrs. Chiechi could be a tad biased because the Doug of Doug's Quality Meats is her son, 49-year-old Douglas Chiechi.

Based on Mrs. Chiechi's recommendation, THE JOURNAL decided to ask Mr. Chiechi about his shop and found that, sure enough, he does cater to COG members, who are typically a little more picky about their food than a lot of other people.

"I have a small retail custom-meat market with three employees," he said. "I don't do the butchering, but I know where all the beef products come from. It is all Washington beef, nothing from out of state or out of country."

Although his shop is not "kosher" by Orthodox Jewish or Church of God standards (he sells ham, for example), Doug's Quality Meats markets only what Mr. Chiechi considers to be products of exemplary quality.

He offers six varieties of beef jerky as well as beef pepperoni, a beef stick, cheddar-cheese sausage, beef bacon and steaks.

"I use all natural products; I don't use filler," he said. "One of Mom's favorites is beef bacon. I'm making more and more of that."

Beef-bacon eaters in this country usually have a choice of a product concocted from formed beef, sometimes combined with turkey, or an item that frequently contains a translucent-plastic-looking strip of cartilage down the middle of each strip. "That's why I make all my bacon from beef brisket," Mr. Chiechi said.

"To make our bacon, we use brisket because it's leaner. I rub the briskets, then soak them in cold water. I let them sit for five days, then soak in cold water for two hours, then smoke them for about seven hours."

Mr. Chiechi has been preparing and selling meat products for 21 years, 11 of those as proprietor of Doug's Quality Meats.

He is the third sibling of nine children of Vito and Dolores Chiechi.

His mother attends services of the Virtual Church, sponsored by the Association for Christian Development, based near Seattle, Wash. She attended the Feast of Tabernacles at the United Church of God's site in Bend, Ore.

"I'm a very honest person," said Mrs. Chiechi's son. "What I give you is what I eat myself. We don't use any organ meat. Our sausage? It's all natural.

Contact information

For more information about Doug and his quality meats including ordering information, see him at 25656 102nd Place SE in Kent.

Or write him at .

Or visit his shop on the Web at

Or phone him at (253) 852-9744.

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