What's in issue No. 77, dated June 30, 2003?

Sabbatarian athletes win a landmark ruling in Oregon.

Announce your site for Feast 2003.

The Journal lists Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2003.

A Church of God pastor, in his role as a TV Jamaica talk-show host, lands an exclusive interview with an accused sniper's mom.

Two generations of a Church of God family die in a fire in Fort Worth, Texas.

A Church of God member sees a need, so she organizes the first Titus 2 Camp.

A former United Church of God elder talks about his disfellowshipping. Read an interview with, and an editorial by, Dan Cafourek.

In letters, The Journal's readers write about Islam, music, the Sabbath and the nature of Jesus.

The Journal goes to 53 countries.

In columns and commentary, Ron Whiteman says Gerry Russell's letter in an earlier issue of The Journal omitted some important information about recent events in the United Church of God British Isles; Kathleen McCann says love is an emotion, not an academic exercise; Dave Havir cites the example of Paul, who cited the example of the "truest maverick of all"; and two editorialists--Brian Knowles and Bob Etheridge--write about ministers and their remuneration.

David Fenney reports on the United Church of God British Isles' recent annual general meeting of the UCG-BI's congregations and national council.

In the latest installment of John Warren's history of the Worldwide Church of God in East Texas, he tells the tale of a remarkable retirement village for elderly WCG members that was the inspiration of church member Norvel Pyle.

In his essay, Clyde Brown gives his perspective on Paul's epistle to the Galatians and asks: Was Paul confused about the law?

A fellowship in the Dallas area meets for a week-long observance of the Days of Unleavened Bread.

A meeting in Milton Keynes, England, is becoming a tradition among Church of God people.

Guardian Ministries' Feast of Tabernacles site is known for its music.

Steven Collins' latest books on Israel in prophecy are bound up in suits.

"Notes and Quotes" reports Feast information, a new church building and an announcement from Ken Westby about his July 25-27 One God Seminars in Texas.

Connections (the advertising section of The Journal) runs classified ads, including prayer requests.

In her monthly column (this month titled "One Flew Over the Deacon's Wife"), Darlene recalls a sobering experience of her youth.

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