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Issue 65

Encouraging Communication among the Churches of God
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 Church of God News Headlines
35-year tradition ends with camp demolition
Legacy school opens in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Christian Educational Ministries hears from China through Web site
Chernobyl-plant blast in 1986 led to LifeNets in 1999; ministry ships aid for pennies on dollar
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 Journal Articles and Commentary
Church of God Restored hung on, then moved on
When we squabble, we neglect the basics
Something's happening in Eastern Europe
Lincoln delivered a message for today's America
Everyone's invited to Church of God San Antonio's Feast for 2002
The summer of '71: Can we learn from the past?
Memorial service leads to reunion and potluck in East Texas
230 show up for Day of Pentecost services with CGI Jamaica
Small town's residents elect Church of God member to council
Comic book for Sabbatarians pokes fun at antinomianism
Voters send incumbents back to board
Preteen campers have fun under the big top
CD captures musician's work
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I've met the two witnesses several times by Dave Havir


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The Journal:  News of the Churches of God