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Announcements, Prayer Requests and Obituaries - Issue 65
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Announcements, Prayer Requests and Obituaries
Issue 65

Prayer requests

Raines, Al (Weed), 151 N. Blacks Corners Rd., Imlay City, MI 48444, suffering from compound fracture of the left arm, shattered left elbow, wrist and right knee, and possibly right wrist. Also requires oral surgery to repair loosened teeth. All due to injuries sustained from a fall.

Boles, Leigh Anne, PO Box 64, Limestone, TN 37681, grieving from loss of son (Daniel) in Nov. 2001, the twin of surviving son David Barker (18). Letters and words of encouragement from other teens would be appreciated.

Dodd, Brenda, Kingston, GA, hearing loss in both ears.

Firth, Linda, 52, Wadley Hospital, Room 557, Texarkana, TX 75501, terminal cancer, undergoing chemo and radiation treatments.

Geddes, Roy, 22953 Three Points Dr., Frankston, TX 75763, recovering from hip replacement.

Matthews, Ray, Omaha, TX, suffering from three types of cancer.

Moyer, Eleanor, suffering pain caused by a hernia.

Robertson, Imogene, Rt. 3, Box 167, Gilmer, TX 75844, recently had tumor removed from her brain.

St. Clair, Olga, Springfield, MO, swelling in legs and feet.

Young, Melba, 3110 Town Park Dr., No. 3302, Tyler, TX 75701, excessive pain due to nine ruptured discs in back, as result of traffic accident.

Williams, Vince, c/o St. Francis Hospital, 6161 S. Yale Ave., Tulsa, OK 74136, suffered heart attack after receiving transplant. Now awaiting second transplant. Also, having problems with kidneys.

Tuck, Lori, in a coma, due to automobile accident.

Carey, Vic, Tyler, TX, recovering some movement in shoulder and arm.

Coulson, Reid, clogged artery in leg, severe hardening of the arteries, possible amputation required.

Cairl, Bonnie, liver cancer.

Colburn, Cristina, 1609 Gray Goose Circle, Sioux Falls, SD 57110, paralyzed from the mid-torso down after a fall.

Coleman, Roger, 902 E. 3rd St., Stuttgart, AR 72160, esophagus cancer returned, coughing and weight loss.

Culotta, Mimi, foot surgery and infection.

Currier, John, 4124 E. Chapel Hill Rd., Douglasville, GA 30135, heart attack, thickened blood, mass in colon.

Daniels, Roger, PO Box 1018, Big Sandy, TX 75755, recovering from surgery to repair severed Achilles tendon.

Davis, Joy, 6053 D Seahorse Courts, NAS, Jacksonville, FL 32212, cervical cancer, lost baby.

Degruy, Pierre, back surgery and infection.

Donaldson, Lois, 80 year old father suffering from terminal cancer.

Dunn, Jewel, 510 Stark Dr., Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455, heart attack, surgery soon.

Durington, Bailey, Rt. 1 Box 803B, Sulphur, OK 73086, critical condition after motorcycle accident, and then run over by a truck.

Florence, heart problems.

Folino, Nicco, email:, inoperable brainstem tumor.

Ho Lai Ping, Sungai Siput Church, dengue fever.

Holcomb, Cathy, 830 W. 11th St., Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455, MD, diabetes, returned to hospital.

Isaac, Helen, 1816 MC 6043, Yellville, AR 72867, localized tumor, daily radiation treatments and oral chemotherapy.

Jepson, June, 1009 Feat St., Valdese, NC 28690, cancer.

McBride, James, 23 Walcott St., Billighay, Linc, England LN4 4EG, heart valve problems.

McMurray, Tommy, Broken Arrow, OK, second heart attack.

Mello, Manuel, very low pulse.

Meyers, Defate, Ashdown, AR, broken pelvis, three places.

Millikan, Sheila Hudnall, Tulsa area, possible stroke.

Morse, Jerry, 309 N. Jefferson No. 341, Springfield, MO 65801, pain in throat, possible cancer.

Nelson, Pat, 921 W. Yellow Jacket Ln., Rockwall, TX 75087, abdominal hernia.

Phillips family, Rt. 2 Box 393B, Jacksonville, TX 75766, car/train accident.

Phillips, Wendy, 800 Sweetgum, Lindale, TX 75771, fibromyalgia.

Sadler, Clarence, heart problems, fainting.

Shelby, Dearly, Redford, MI, lymphomic cancer, chemo undecided, hospitalized, bleeding internally.

Silva, Kevin, lung cancer.

Stamper, Sam, 707 Dunreath, Walled Lake, MI 48389, heart and leg problems.

Stauffer, Lee Ann, Reading, PA, spinal column problems.

Stidham, Ruthie, Camdenton, MO, cancer of the adrenal gland, lymph nodes and spots on the liver.

Sullivan, Nancy, Texarkana, TX, needs jaw operation, insurance will not pay.

Sutherland, Christine, 60's, cancer returned, chemo.

Thiele, Tina, 37, breast and uterine cancer.

Val, 52, email:, hepatitis C and diverticulitis.

Wallace, Dot, Leesburg, TX 75451, leukemia, chemo.

Widmer, Bob, Dallas area, heart attack.

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