What's in issue No. 64, dated May 31, 2002?

"Swan in Flight," the sculpture by Englishman David Wynne that since 1970 has graced the entry drive to the property that was once Ambassador University, Big Sandy, is up for sale. ALERT, the present owner, wants to move it and other items, including the booths of Booth City.

Feast of Tabernacles listings for 2002 begin in this issue of The Journal: News of the Churches of God.

In Cincinnati, United Church of God elders meet for the eighth time in general conference. Elders vote to retain some council members but not all. Just before the meetings, outgoing president Les McCullough and incoming president Roy Holladay preside over the dedication of United's new home-office building in Milford, Ohio. See the print version of The Journal for full print and photo coverage.

A keynote speech at the United conference is by former Journal columnist Melvin Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes advises his fellow pastors to help the brethren help their brethren.

Every vote counts in the elections during United's annual conference. Since the council will not release details of its elections for the officers on the governing 12-man council, Journal columnist Dave Havir attempts to help Journal readers fill in the blanks. See the print version of The Journal.

A United task force, immediately after the conference, presents the council with the concept of applying for funds to help "sustain pastoral excellence." The funds would come from the Lilly Endowment of Indianapolis, which makes money available for the training and continuing education of personnel in Christian ministries.

Mordakhai Joseph, Dale Stogner and the Bible Sabbath Association are making available 434 lessons titled "Teaching the Law" for free or for a nominal charge (depending on the medium of distribution).

In The Journal's continuing series on divorce and remarriage, Samuele Bacchiocchi writes the second in his two-part essay: "Does the Bible Ever Allow Couples to Divorce and Remarry?" See the print version of The Journal.

Ken Westby's One-God Seminars, in April in a Seattle suburb, promote strict monotheism. Eight speakers present the monotheistic, unitarian view. One, Steve Collins, defends binitarianism. Mr. Westby says the meetings "may be the most important and unusual conference in modern Church of God history." Numbered among the listeners and questioners are unitarians, binitarians and Trinitarians. The nine presenters are Anthony Buzzard, Mr. Collins, Gary Fakhoury, Duane Giles, Paul Haney, Charles Hunting, Gary Sjordal, William Robin Wansley and Mr. Westby. Is Ken Westby onto something, or is he a heretic? See the print version of The Journal for full coverage and for photos of the speakers and other participants.

This issue reports on academic awards earned by several young Church of God folks. Among the honored are Ryan Ramlow,   Stephen KiepkeJessica Wilson, Lecia Ferguson, Andrea Boettcher, Jessica Killingley and Matthew Fisher.

Letters to the editor include comments on the Dan Cafourek interview in the April 15 issue; the calendar; a report from William Dankenbring on his recent hospital stay; and a test of readers' familiarity with terms of insult.

A musical Church of God duo, Bob and Debbie Carothers, releases a new CD.

In columns and commentary, Janet Treadway says no to guilt addiction; Marvin Gale Ison tells how to start your own prison ministry; Dave Havir prays for victims of the clergy; Lindsey Manning proves that sports and the Sabbath can peacefully coexist; and Brian Knowles asks: Just what do you mean God's church? See the print version of The Journal.

On your mark, get set, get ready for Feast Bible school, at the Guardian Ministries site this fall in Palm Springs.

"Notes and Quotes" includes reports of the death of the founder of a Church of God ministry in Colorado and several Feast announcements.

Striking an oracular note, the Journal's ad lady, Darlene Warren, writes of her vision for the Churches of God.

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